Creating next generation story telling with Extended Reality

In 2019 St Peters College is aiming to explore a new area of content creation including Virtual Reality (VR), in the classroom. Teachers will be able to integrate these tools into classroom practice to support almost any area of the curriculum. The complete XR tools St Peters’ students may have the opportunity of creating are:

  • 3D objects
  • Augmented Reality
  • 360 Degree visuals
  • Virtual Reality
  • Holograms

Exploring worlds within worlds

Digital tools like VR and AR allow a more direct and interactive experience for a range of subjects. Jonathan Nalder, St Peters Digital Learning Coach, explains “VR is great for subjects like history or geography.” 

Putting on the VR goggles can suddenly transport you to the pyramids and experience a feeling of actually being there. 

Jonathan says, “it’s definitely a level up from watching a video – and there’s an extra emotional connection which increases engagement and influences how students learn.”  

 Creating digital stories of your own world

 Another important benefit is how teachers and students can create their own XR content like VR and 360˚ images. Jonathan explains, “there are tools now which will easily help you make your own material." 

"Students can become immersed in learning, not just by viewing but, by creating their own 3D world."

“We’ve got a 360˚ camera that teachers can borrow,” says Jonathan. For example, students take photos around the school and then put those photos into their VR world. When they’re building they overlay objects on top of their 360˚ photos. “When it’s built you put the headset on and suddenly you’re walking around inside that scene you’ve just made,” says Jonathan. “Those students are gaining next generation story telling skills and building out their future literacies. These are sometimes called the soft skills, but actually they are the creative skills which can set students apart.”

Major benefits of XR in the classroom:

  • Research shows interactivity increases connection to learning
  • Strengthening technology skills
  • Inspires creative learning and promotes curiosity
  • Students gain next-gen storytelling skills increasing job prospects beyond school

It’s still early days for exploring XR’s full potential in the classroom, however, St Peters will roll out these options slowly throughout the year. St Peters’ teachers will be supporting their peers and learning the best practice in how to use these digital tools effectively.