Top 10 Tips for Middle Readers (and beyond)

As children’s reading progresses from that of early reader (age 5–8) to middle reader (age 8+), parents play a vital role in guiding this transition. Here are my Top 10 Tips for you and your middle reader. From establishing the essential habit of daily reading to tackling longer novels and fostering a love for diverse genres, these tips aim to enrich your child's reading experience and ignite a lifelong passion for books.

Top Reading Tips

  1. Read Every Day – By reading their book every day, your child will quickly gain momentum to the point when they won’t want to put their book down.
  2. Allow Enough Time – Set aside 15–20 minutes daily for reading. This aids momentum, an important secret to enjoying and finishing books.
  3. Set Reading Goals – Nothing is better than reaching a reading goal, whether finishing a chapter or reaching a certain page number. I love it when I reach the halfway point of my book!
  4. Build Reading Grit – Encourage patience at the start of a new book. We often have to work harder in the first few chapters to connect with the characters, settings and events. Once you’re in though, you’re in!
  5. Finish Your Book – Discourage abandoning books midway. Often, we don’t realise how much we love a book until the end. It’s the best part!
  6. Try New Genres – As your child’s interests evolve, introduce them to different genres. Maybe they’re ready for something a bit meatier and more gripping. Get them to seek recommendations from librarians and friends to find exciting reads.
  7. Try Longer Books – Now that they’re getting older, those shorter books might not be long enough to suck them in before they’re over. Encourage your child to size up.
  8. Soak It Up – Encourage your child to savour the narrative and let the story really sink into their bones. If they slow down and switch their senses up a gear, they’ll feel all the feels a novel has to offer.
  9. Speculate – One of the most rewarding things about reading is predicting, wondering and speculating. Encourage them to tuck those thoughts away and read on to see what happens!
  10. Know What’s Next – Help your child select their next read before they finish their current book. Remember, it’s all about momentum.

Happy reading!

Christina Wheeler
Teacher Librarian Primary Years