St Peters Year 8 and 9 students—leading the way

This week's blog kindly supplied by Kelly Fox: Deputy Head of Junior High

Approximately fifty Year 8 students volunteered to attend the ‘Leadershift Day’ last term, along with the Year 9 Student Leadership team who attended as peer mentors. 

The session was presented by yLead, an external organisation highly skilled and experienced in delivering leadership training to students in Years 5-12.  The ‘Leadershift Day’ was focussed on shifting students’ perceptions about ‘leadership’ and preparing Year 8 students as they begin their transition into Junior High Leadership roles.  There was an acknowledgement of the additional responsibility and expectations that being in Year 9 will entail for all students.This stage of their life is a tricky period for any adolescent; some students may be unsure, others excited and most will be uncertain of what is expected of them. yLead use their experience to help prepare students with the confidence, skills and tools they require to step up to lead and become effective role models to their peers.

The yLead program benefits:

  • Develop positive group dynamic through a series of team based activities that challenge students to work cooperatively
  • Encourage students to reflect on their personal strengths and gain confidence in their ability to lead
  • Challenge students with the notion of creating a legacy by positively influencing others
  • Explore the importance of setting goals and identify the keys to achieving them
  • Empower students to lead themselves and take responsibility for their own choices and actions

Year 8 reflections:

“Today I was reminded that leadership is about not necessarily making huge differences, but taking advantage of the little things to make a positive difference.” (Stevie C.)

“All character strengths are important – and I can learn and develop my leadership by including others, participating and respecting opinions.” (Chelsea B.)

“What I’ve learned during this is to have a happy, positive mindset and to be the best role model that you can be.”(Makenza K.) 

“yLead reminded me that leadership is about being selfless, and thinking of others before yourself.  It is not about ordering people about, but rather leading the way and being a role model to others.” (Keegan S.)  

“Leadership is bigger than just a badge.” (Niamh S.)

“yLead’s experience inspired young students in Year 8 & 9 to show that anyone can be a great leader.  I learnt that if you work in a team and persevere in tough times, you can achieve great things. Our team was full of innovative ideas and the problems we had to face taught us that as individuals, we have to have a solution-focused mindset, be creative and empower others.” (Aarushi V.)