St Peters Career Centre will broaden future horizons

During the Easter school holidays J & P Richardson Industries (JPR) hosted two Year 11 students from St Peters Lutheran College as part of the Construction Skills Queensland Gateway to Industry Schools Program. One student was placed with their Engineering Team and the other with the Human Resources and Safety Team. 

The Gateway to Industry Schools Program aims to create opportunities for students to be exposed to a range of learning experiences that can assist with planning their future career choices and pathways into employment in the construction industry.

Students were required to submit a resumé, attend an interview (like applying for a real job) and, upon commencement, undergo the full induction including a comprehensive safety component. Throughout the week they undertook hands-on work, and attended numerous meetings which gave them an opportunity to understand first-hand how the industry operates.

St Peters Year 11 student, Amelia, says she took the opportunity for work experience in the Easter Holidays after receiving a careers email from Career Counsellor, Mrs Jacqui Estevao. 

Amelia believes work experience is important as it “lets you experience industries/work areas that interest you and those you wish to find out more about.” This allows you to “make a well-informed decision when deciding what study/career path you would like to take after graduating high school,” she says.

“I enjoyed the work experience at JPR in the Health and Safety and HR Departments. I learnt a lot about how a company is run, the paperwork behind the scenes, and discovered how business and law interact. The employees were welcoming and friendly, whilst teaching both myself and Bethany.”

Amelia advises for students to read their emails from the Careers Centre, “Send your career interests to Ms Ward.” Students on their database will be alerted first for offers of work experience and will approach employers before holidays about holiday work experience. “Don’t be nervous,” advises Amelia, “the Career Centre is there and happy to help.”

Mr Robert Barber, HR & WHSE Manager for JPR Industries says work experience is extremely important for students. When lining up to compete for graduate job opportunities it’s not uncommon for employers to receive hundreds of applications. “A shortlist is developed of candidates to be interviewed,” explains Robert. The question is – what differentiates you from the others?

“Work experience will assist in making your resumé shine brighter, and it is guaranteed to get the attention of recruiters,” says Robert. Undertaking work experience at high-school (and University) shows you have initiative. It also demonstrates you want to work in your chosen field, and you were willing to volunteer your time to gain experience. “Furthermore that experience, and what you have learnt, will be a key point of conversation in the interview.”

The St Peters Career Counsellor will help students:

  • Develop an awareness of personal strengths, abilities, skills, needs, attitudes and values;
  • Understand the general structure of post-school life with its range of opportunities and pathways, and help you understand the demands, rewards and satisfactions associated with each;
  • Learn how to make considered choices and plan options in relation to anticipated careers;
  • Research and explore future possibilities.

For more information please contact Kath Ward at the Career Centre for an appointment to discuss your options. or call 3377 6514. 

Or use the link below to access the Career Development Program on Firefly.