Sports, music, technology, travel—the holidays are just the beginning!

Just keep swimming…

Swim camp is great preparation for the AIC and QGSSSA seasons. This year saw our biggest ever swim camp with 143 students enrolled from Years 7 to 12. The biggest thing about the swim camp is it combines St Peters squad swimmers with children who aren’t swimming for the school so it’s a great way to bring everyone together. Australian representative, gold medallist and alumni, Ariarne Titmus, came back to St Peters to support and advise the younger swimmers during camp. Shaun Nodwell, our Director of Sport says the St Peters swim team is going for three wins in a row with winning both the boys’ and the girls’ competitions. “The whole school gets behind us and it’s great, those main days of championships are always exciting for the kids.”

Hitting the cricket pitch 

Out of the pool and onto the pitch… about 95 boys from Years 3 to 12 were preparing for week one of the AIC Cricket season. Josh Singh, St Peters AIC Cricket Coordinator, says it’s great to see their dedication during the holidays.  “The boys are still putting in the effort in and it’s super-hot outside. It’s good to see the boys are still eager and keen to have a hit.” Josh says cricket is different to every other team sport. “There is a lot of downtime and you’re hanging out with your mates so there’s that camaraderie you build within your team. That’s unique and different from every other sport.” 

Coding kids turn into bright sparks

Heading across campus and Bright Sparks held its three-day Code Camp during the holidays with 78 children. The camp introduced children to how coding works and looked at it through game-based applications. Manager, Elizabeth Winfield, says “there’s lots of different classes for them to progress through.” There are skills which are developed from typing to spelling. Elizabeth says it’s a great idea to embed that knowledge. “The way the world is going they need to be doing this… Technology is flying and they need to be onboard with it.” Coding also teaches children the intricate details you need to put in to make sure everything works. “One mistake and the whole thing crashes,” says Elizabeth. “I enjoy seeing the children learn and grow during camp. You can see from day one they’re so excited and by the end they want you to try their game. They love it and they love to play each other’s games. They love what they’ve created and they want to do more.”

An exchange of culture and opportunities

Heading overseas and the school holidays were a memorable time for five lucky Year 10 St Peters students. They took part in the College’s annual exchange with students from our partner school, Laurentius Gymnasium, in southern Germany. Apart from enhancing their fluency in German it was an amazing opportunity to experience everyday life and culture in another country. It was also great to have fun making new friends on the other side of the globe. We look forward to seeing our young German friends on the return leg of the exchange here at St Peters in July! Thank you to parents and friends for your continued support with the Exchange program. 

A touching tribute from Toho

Another talented group, the St Peters Soloists, travelled to Toho High School in Tokyo as part of an overseas workshop and performance tour. The St Peters Orchestra first visited Toho six years ago and since then a vibrant academic, cultural and social sister school relationship has developed between the two schools. Students and staff of St Peters Soloists were honoured to see that Toho High School considers this relationship to be so important that a garden with Australian plants has been established to commemorate the official signing of the sister school agreement in 2016. In 2018, Toho soccer and English language students have visited St Peters and St Peters Japanese language, robotics and now St Peters Soloists have visited Toho. 

Eat! Pray! Celebrate!

 Back in Brisbane and St Peters teachers and staff had their own orientation week before the term started. We didn’t have instruments, or sports gear, but we mentally prepared for the positive challenges for 2019. It’s an important part of life at St Peters to connect with our community and looking beyond ourselves. With strength, encouragement and joy for the year ahead we aim to make sure everyone at St Peters flourishes in our coeducational community. We look forward to helping students on their journey this year with effective learning and helping create effective relationships. So, whether you love sports, the arts, music, technology, science, or a combination of everything, we have something for every person to pursue those gifts and talents. With care, dignity and respect we will help your student on their quest to reach their personal best and look forward to partnering with you for 2019 and beyond.