Reigniting the College Spirit Legacy

Our Captains' 2020 Vision

In February, our College and Vice Captains were asked to take part in Quest Community Newspaper’s Senior School Leaders project. Along with other leaders from our neighbouring schools, Ben, Julia, Zac and Alara shared their desire to reignite St Peters’ legacy of passionate College Spirit. Their response to the following question can be read below. 

What is your vision for your school community in 2020?

College spirit, support and no regrets—the 2020 College and Vice Captains at St Peters Indooroopilly have wasted no time in establishing their vision for the year, and it’s one that will leave a legacy long beyond their graduation.
“We want to build on the history of school spirit at St Peters,” said Ben (College Captain). “And show one another support because of how proud we are of our College.”

The Captains aim to do this by encouraging their Year Level to turn up, both physically and in attitude. By instilling a sense of pride that starts with how students don their uniform, they aim to create a flow-on effect, whereby all Seniors turn up to College events to show their support for the wider St Peters community.
“Everyone has their own individual talents and they all have the right to be acknowledged,” Vice Captain, Alara, said. “We want everyone to feel that their talents are supported and acknowledged.”

The Captains envisage a College that is completely connected; where all Year Levels, cocurriculars and the wider community are united by College spirit. This, when combined with their final aim, to have all Seniors graduating with no regrets, will be no small task, but it’s nothing they’re not equipped to handle. The level of commitment our College and Vice Captains have already shown is inspirational—we’re confident they'll have every Senior walking down the graduation Guard of Honour knowing they’ve achieved everything they wanted to by the end of the year. 

To read the full Quest Community News School Leaders online feature, including the submissions from both the Indooroopilly and Springfield College and Vice Captains, please click here.