Chaplaincy at St Peters

Why does St Peters have chaplains?

The founding fathers and mothers of our College had a vision to provide their children and grandchildren with a high quality Christian education so that they would be well prepared for their lives in our world. Their aim was to ensure that their children would be able to make helpful contributions to society and church. The St Peters Mission Statement summarises this in the phrase: Excellence in Christian Co-education­.

This is worked out in several ways:

  1. We see each person as uniquely created and gifted by God. Our task is to help them discover and develop their gifts to the best possible standard. For this we seek to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive learning community where each person can make valuable contributions.
  2. We believe that these gifts are given to us so that we can serve others. At St Peters, we seek to inspire our students to explore how they can contribute to the wider society and world. Their learning journey through the multicultural, co-educational community that is our College is part of this development.
  3. We want our students to encounter the foundation on which our school and values are built—the Good News of Jesus Christ, who has come to bring life, love and hope to the world. Our world needs people of love, who live in hope and seek to be life-affirming and life-giving in their relationships and actions. We see the Good News of Christ as the source and inspiration for such a life.

The St Peters chaplains work with many other groups within our community to point to the heart and foundation of our College, Jesus Christ. They lead the worship life of St Peters; provide pastoral care and support to students, staff and families. The chaplains also encourage service learning, seek to model the love of God among our community and provide an ongoing link to the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Should you, or your child, ever need to talk to the St Peters chaplains, we are here to help.

Pastor Thomas Böhmert—College Senior Chaplain