From the Academic Hub


Last Friday, we celebrated the academic success of our 2017 students at the Scholars’ Assembly. This formal celebration has transformed over the years into what marks a truly special morning. A new addition to the festivities was the Scholars’ Wall in the Academic Hub. The vision of Mr Peter MacDonald, Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation, was to have a place where students can leave their mark in St Peters history. Following the ceremony, our 2017 OP1&2 and IB equivalent recipients came to the Academic Hub to place their names on the Scholars’ Wall. The Awards Ceremony was a great platform for all students to cement their goals for the semester. Students can reflect upon past performances and efforts to assist in setting achievable goals for the future. This week, I will attend Year Level Meetings to talk with students about their organisation with specific focus on the Assessment Planner, setting goals and time management. Rachael Turnbull, Head of 7-12 Curriculum - Students read more

Year 5 Skype Hong Kong sister school Sharon Lutheran


The Year 5 students have continued building the relationship with our sister school, Sharon Lutheran School in Hong Kong by taking part in two Skype sessions in the past week with two of their Year 5 classes. The first session was all about ‘Our Schools’ and the second was about ‘Our Countries’. Our students presented information about St Peters and we learnt all about Sharon Lutheran School. There are some similarities between the two schools, but many differences; which the Year 5s were really interested in and got a chance to ask questions about. Our students then spoke about Australia and some of our landmarks and history. The Year 5 students in Hong Kong were intrigued by the vastness of our country and asked many interesting questions. The Skype sessions will continue next term, with students sharing information about food, festivals, theme parks and games. Carly Lovell and Susan Levitt, Teachers read more

From the Deputy Head of Senior School


Senior School Attendance The Senior School is the last stop on the secondary school journey for students. As such, there is a distinct focus on transitioning students to take ownership for their actions. One aspect of our procedures that aligns with this is our ‘attendance’ and, in particular, ‘late arrival’ procedures. We understand that from time to time, students might be late. Sometimes for reasons within their control and sometimes for reasons outside their control. We value punctuality wherever possible. At all times, we collect and utilise attendance information to work with students to set and ensure good habits for punctuality (wherever possible) are developing. When a student is late in the Senior School, they must sign in at their Luther House. When they sign in, no official questions are asked, just a friendly smile and assistance from Mrs Burton and Mrs Maynard. Unless notification has already been received by the attendance office, lateness will always be documented as ‘unexplained’. It is an expectation that late arrivals are accounted for and we ask that students follow up with a parent or staff member to ensure this is done through the attendance office. While I know first hand that our young men and women are reliable and trustworthy, it is important that we are certain parents are also aware of the arrival habits of their students. As a result, our system has been set up so that an automated email will go out each afternoon to all students who are still noted as ‘unexplained”. This email documents the steps the student will need to go through to remove this ‘unexplained late’ from their record. If this is not done, the record will remain and any future ‘lates’ will accrue. It is my hope that all students have no ‘unexplained lates’ against their name. ‘Explained lates’ are not recorded in a student’s academic transcripts. In the first instance of lateness, an email is generated to the student only to follow up on. In the case of two ‘unexplained lateness’ over the duration of a semester, an email will be generated to the student, parents and the form class teacher. If there are three instances of ‘unexplained lateness’ then the student will be asked to meet with their Year Level Coordinator to discuss the issues causing them to be late and try to formulate supportive plans to ensure students can make the most of their academic learning time by being on time. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Joel Butler, Deputy Head of Senior School read more

Sports news


AIC Cricket and Volleyball Congratulations to all boys who finished off the Cricket and Volleyball seasons last Saturday. The Cricket season finished on Sunday night at the Cricket Dinner where a number of students received awards for their efforts throughout the season; including Kayden G – Coach’s Award (5B Team), Harry B – Batting Award (5B Team), Eddie G – Bowling Award (5B Team) and Riley W – Bowling Award (6B Team). We also congratulate Max C who receives his Five-Year Service Award to Cricket. Max has been an outstanding servant to St Peters Cricket. We thank you for your service, Max! St Peters also had an outstanding year in AIC Volleyball placing third in Aggregate. This means that St Peters was the third best Volleyball School in AIC. Kyan P in Year 8 had an outstanding year and was awarded the MVP Award for the 8B Volleyball team. This is a fantastic achievement for Kyan who only started playing this year. Well done, Kyan! QGSSSA Autumn Fixtures Congratulations to all girls who represented the College last Friday night against Somerville House. It was a fantastic round of competition in Basketball, Touch and Football. St Peters secured a number of wins across all sports. It was particularly rewarding for our Year 7 girls who represented St Peters for the first time in a QGSSSA Fixture. We congratulate the following girls who have been selected to represent Open teams including: Talitha C, Kuini L and Aimee J – Open Girls Basketball; and Nicole S-S – Open Girls Football. Talitha C has also been given the honour of Co-Captaining the Open Girls Basketball team. Talitha is the first Springfield student to Captain a St Peters Sporting team! Congratulations, Talitha!! QGSSSA Softball Congratulations to Maddie D in Year 12 who finished off the QGSSSA Softball season by winning the Coaches’ Award. Maddie’s Senior A team placed third overall which is a great effort by the girls. Maddie has been an outstanding team member throughout the season and has thoroughly enjoyed representing St Peters in Softball. Well done, Maddie! AIC Rugby Camp Years 4–12 St Peters will be holding an AIC Rugby Camp over this coming weekend. Details have been emailed to parents and boys earlier in the week. All boys from Years 4–12 are welcome to attend. Details are as follows: Date: Saturday 24 March (Years 4–12) and Sunday 25 March (Years 7–12 only).Time: 8:00am to 11:30am.Venue: Mayer Oval, St Peters Indooroopilly.What to bring: Boots, mouthguard and water bottle. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Lohe. State Water Polo – Lucas D Congratulations to Lucas D in Year 12 who last week represented Met West at the State Water Polo Titles. Lucas and the Met West team finished third overall which is a great result. Lucas had an outstanding tournament and has been selected in the Queensland 18 Years Boys Water Polo team to play at the National titles. This represents many hard years of training and playing for Lucas and is a wonderful reward for his dedication. Brilliant news, Lucas! St Peters App Please download the St Peters App today. All information regarding the AIC and QGSSSA Sport programs including sport training times and venues, draws, coordinator details and wet weather arrangements can be found on the St Peters App. Mr Jeremy Lohe, Head of Sport read more

Access Arts Cocurricular Art programs


The cocurricular Art program offers students opportunities to engage after school with tutors. The program aims to foster enjoyment of art making and exploration of new things. Different activities are offered each term. The program is open to Years 7 - 9 students currently studying other arts subjects in the Junior High two year Arts cycle or elective system. Senior School students are encouraged to book into after school studio sessions regularly.  This term, emerging artist Sophie Patzel (2016) will offer a painting workshop on Tuesdays (from Weeks 5-8) from 3.30-5.00pm. Click here to enrol. Attendance for the full 4 weeks of the program is encourage to achieve a rewarding outcome.   Photo credit: ‘River bed’ by Sophie Patzel, acrylic on canvas (six) panels. This work is a College acquisition on display in the Performing Arts Centre (lower level). Julie Seidel, Curriculum Leaders – The Arts read more

Change and New Plans


‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ – Jeremiah 29:11. It was announced by Mr Tim Kotzur, Head of College, at the end of Term 1, that I will be leaving St Peters Lutheran College Springfield at the end of Term 2 to take up my new role as College Principal (Head of College) at Geelong Lutheran College and St John’s Lutheran Primary School, Victoria. This morning, when I was on Yard Duty, a Year 1 child spoke to me: ‘Ms Lange-Mohr, is it true that you will be leaving to go to Victoria?’ ‘Yes, it is. You know I will miss you and everyone at our school.’ ‘We’re going to really miss you, Ms Lange-Mohr. Thanks for being the best Principal ever!’ The student gave me a hug then he left to go to class. I will really miss this beautiful school community that together we have created. While I am looking forward to my new role, St Peters will always be close to my heart. Change provides us with interesting challenges. Some people thrive on change while for others it can be quite traumatic. Our class of 9ST of 2018 have experienced great change during Term 1, having graduated from their five-week intensive Ironbark experience. In speaking to the students, parents, families and Ironbark staff at the Family Day celebrations on Saturday 24 March, the most common feedback can be summarised as: great change for our Year 9ST students living in a rural environment; the joy and challenges of communal dormitory living (what I like to call the ‘hidden curriculum’); an outpouring of love from family members as they were able to reunite as one; sad farewells to the Ironbark staff from the students who grew to know and trust these very important mentors in their lives; goodbyes to the farm animals who became a part of the students’ daily lives on the farm; and a deeper spiritual experience. Our staff received positive reports regarding our young people from Director Mr Matt Sullivan and his team. We sincerely thank them for all their care, concern and nurturing. In fact, the comment was made several times that our cohort of students has set a very high standard for the year. St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly Year 9 student groups will be at Ironbark for the remainder of the year. The next phase of change is for families and children to reintegrate with each other. Parents, your children are now young adults. Sometimes it can be difficult coming to terms with these changes. I know that you will treasure the letters that you received from them in the mail. I still have mine. In His Service, Jill Lange-Mohr, Principal read more