My name is Gregory

Actually my name’s not Gregory (that’s my youngest brother) but it was a popular Christian name in the early church. In Greek it means ‘watchful, awake, alert’. The early church expected the imminent return of Jesus Christ, the final judgement of the world, and the welcome of all believers into eternal life. That was fuelled by the parables that Jesus told including Luke 12: don’t let greed ruin your life (12:15). You can have lots of possessions and totally miss out on life. Be like the servant in the big household, who doesn’t drop their bundle when the boss goes away, but keeps doing their work. Don’t get caught out at the unexpected return of the Son of Man (Luke 12:38-40). Being on the alert and always ready for Christ’s return was highly encouraged.

Two thousand years later, it seems like we are here for the long haul. What does being watchful mean now? We need to wake up to the fact that it never was only about the future, it’s about the here and now which is where Jesus always meets us. Don’t keep postponing the big things. If this God-stuff doesn’t work in the present, it’s useless. Being watchful means remembering who you are, and that there is a much bigger purpose to your life. It means that Jesus is present in this very moment, and always has been. Wake up to that. You don’t have to force it, or be perfect, or have everything under control. Being watchful means trusting always that God is with you, and that even your worst mistakes are held in love, and something good will come out of them or in spite of them. In difficult or painful times it means waiting expectantly for things to work out in a good way. It is not giving up, but always choosing life.

We can do with lots more Gregory qualities, whether we are male or female. 

Pastor Michael Mayer, Indooroopilly Chaplain