Girls Sport

Congratulations to all students who will be recognised at our upcoming award ceremonies. Winning an award is not everything but, in sport, many awards signify a bigger team success or that the recipient has been involved in a number of A teams, demonstrating a high level of participation.

Each award winner is deserving and their award reflects their contribution to cocurricular activities at St Peters. Congratulations to all students and, in particular, to our Sportsperson of the Year for each cohort. Thank you for your contributions to our community.

Award ceremonies can be exciting times of recognition for those getting up on stage but it can also be a time for reflection for those who miss out. If you have missed out in 2017, we challenge you to set yourself a goal for 2018 and work out the steps that are needed to make your goal a reality. Continued excellence in our sporting program only comes from every individual participating at the best level they can in a sport (or two) of their choice.

Junior Softball

Coordinator: Ms Emy Huntsman

Our 2017 Junior Softball competition is now complete. All seven of our teams enjoyed their afternoons of softball at Downey Park. Each team enjoyed a number of highlights and it was good to see all girls appreacite their experiences. Going into the last afternoon of games, our 7A and 8A teams were on the top of the ladder - a wonderful achievement!

The Junior Softball break-up will take place on Friday from 6:30–7:30am on Harts Road Oval.

Thank you to Ms Huntsman, Coordinator, and to coaches for their efforts throughout the season.

2018 Senior Softball Trials

Coordinator: Ms Emy Huntsman

Thank you to all  girls who have signed up to our Senior Softball trials. Trials for 2018 teams started this Thursday morning and will continue next Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 November from 6:15–7:30am on Harts Road Oval. Teams will be finalised at the end of these trials.

There will be a clinic held in the week before school resumes in 2018, and games will be on Saturdays in Weeks 2–6 of Term 1. Please see staff at Sports House if you have any further questions about Senior Softball in 2018.

Pre-Season Football

Coordinator: Mr Ben Innes

The friendly five-a-side football tournament continues on Harts Road Ovals on Monday afternoons for the next three weeks.. I strongly encourage any girl wanting to play football in 2018 to be involved in this competition. See Mr Innes if you want to join in.

2018 Touch Trials

Coordinator: Miss Anne-Marie George

We will hold the final preliminary trials for our 2018 touch teams on Friday 10 November in the afternoon.

These trials have been very well attended by girls wanting to play touch next year. We will be able to make our 2018 team selections promptly at the start of the new school year.

Kelli Rodman, Susannah Treschman and Kerry Schreiber, Girls Sport Coordinators