Boys Sport

Current and new Year 6 Sports Introduction Program

We have welcomed all current Year 6 students and future Year 7 students who will join our College community and AIC sporting program in 2018.

Hopefully, these young men have enjoyed attending our Monday afternoon pre-season trainings for cricket, volleyball and swimming. This training is important to establish relationships between young men who will play sport together next year and also gives coaches an opportunity to identify the ability of students in the high school sporting programs so that they can best support their development.

Trainings run from 3:30–5:00pm each Monday with volleyball in the gym, cricket at the Mayer Cricket Nets and swimming at the 50m pool (swimming concludes at 4:30pm). The last session of this introductory program will take place on Monday 27 November.

AIC Volleyball

Coordinator: Mr Matt Bradforde

The AIC Volleyball pre-season training for Years 7–11 students commenced last week in readiness for the 2018 season. The schedule for the various training sessions can be found by clicking here, or via the St Peters App.

Please remember that Volleyball pre-season has priority over other sporting commitments at this time.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday 16 November: Year 10 AVSC and 1sts/AVSC teams vs Marist College Ashgrove in trial matches from 4:45–6:30pm;
  • Wednesday 22 November: 7A and 8A preliminary teams vs ATC in trial matches from 4:30–6:00pm; and
  • Sunday 3 – Friday 8 December: Melbourne AVSC Tour for our four St Peters Volleyball teams.

AIC and MSW Cricket

Coordinator: Mr Gil Bygraves

The AIC cricket pre-season commenced last week in readiness for the 2018 season. All interested boys should attend pre-season training at the Mayer Cricket nets and oval at their allocated session times. Numbers at AIC trainings are very low and we still require more players for the upcoming AIC cricket season in all years. The full training schedule can be accessed by clicking here or via the St Peters App.

Please remember that Cricket pre-season has priority over other sporting commitments at this time.

Important Dates:

  • Sunday 3–Saturday 9 December: Melbourne Cricket Tour for our Years 10–12 cricketers.

Click here for this week’s draw.


Coordinator: Mr Peter Dawson

As part of our AIC pre-season swimming preparations, a Fitness Squad has commenced sessions in the 50m pool. All swimmers are welcome to join this squad’s training on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30–4:30pm.

These training sessions will act as pre-season AIC Swimming training and are open to all Years 7–12 boys throughout Term 4 and for the duration of the AIC Swimming season in Term 1. Please be reminded that this is swimming training and boys must be able to confidently complete multiple laps of the 50m pool in the four strokes.

Matt Bradforde, Boys Sport Coordinator