Remembrance Day

This weekend, we observe Remembrance Day. We pause to honour those who fought for our freedom, to reflect on the price they paid, and to acknowledge the benefits we gained through their sacrifice.

Global news provides daily reason to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in Australia. My heart aches for those living in countries where simply stepping into the street means risking one’s life. Or when casting an election ballot threatens one’s personal safety. Or when converting to Christianity is akin to signing a death wish.

Oh, the freedoms we take for granted in our land.

As we pause to reflect on these freedoms we enjoy, we come to recognise that they are not free – we have them only because others have given of themselves. We can only react in gratitude, as we remember those who have fought for the freedom we enjoy.

As we continue to reflect, we come to recognise that there is an even greater freedom we can enjoy – the freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. The Bible teaches that the penalty for sin is death, but you and I have been set free from this penalty. We have been set free because Jesus paid the penalty. The Bible tells us that Jesus died to set us free from the penalty of sin. Instead of death, we have been given eternal life. This freedom wasn’t free, Jesus paid the price.

This weekend, let’s pause to honour those who fought for our freedom. And as we do, let’s remember the price that Jesus paid, so that we might enjoy spiritual freedom too.

Chaplain Kirstin Munchenberg, Indooroopilly Chaplain