From the Deputy Head of Senior School

The awards season commenced last Friday with the Years 10–11 Presentation Morning, held in the Dron Auditorium. The Year 12 presentations will take place this Friday. These ceremonies are an opportunity to acknowledge the co-curricular and service contributions of our students within the College community (academic achievement is celebrated at a separate ceremony in Term 1, next year).

‘Service to others’ is a focus within the Senior School where, as part of developing holistic programs, we promote going ‘beyond self’ as a key trait needed in society, today. In the busyness of Senior studies, often with a focus on personal achievement, it is at times easy to forget about others. The Outstanding Service Awards (in Years 10–12) are personal favourites of mine. Through the nomination process, students’ wide and varied contributions to our community and beyond are acknowledged; and students, receiving this award, show the spirit of giving within our community is alive and well. On Friday, 37 students in Years 10–11 were recognised for their ‘outstanding’ contribution to the community. I congratulate these students for their contribution to our College and the culture of service that exists here.

Co-curricular achievement awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze), once again, represent an important aspect of the holistic focus at St Peters. While there is no doubt that ‘teaching and learning’ is our core business, the skills gleaned from this area of College life is important and valued. Collaboration with others when working in teams, interpersonal skills working together to perform, skills to overcome adversity when things don’t always go your way, leadership development, and more, are all aspects of what students have to do when they contribute to our extensive co-curricular program. It is always amazing to see the correlation between our significant number of award recipients in this area, when aligned with the academic results achieved.

The Year 12 students finish this Friday, with the Awards Presentation Ceremony to be held at 12:30pm and the Valedictory Service later in the evening, starting at 6:00pm. These two final occasions celebrate the journey that school has been for these young men and women. The traditional St Peters ‘Guard of Honour’ will be held immediately after the Awards Presentation Ceremony (approximately 1:45pm). These three, final ‘rites of passage’ for our Seniors signal the end of their journey as students at St Peters.

I would like to thank the Seniors of 2018 for their collective and individual contributions to the College. As you join the many, who have come before you, on the Old Scholars’ register; may you look back on your time as a student, knowing that you are always welcome at St Peters.

This time of year is always one of mixed emotions for Year 12 students, their parents, and the staff, alike. The excitement of students finishing school is tempered with a realisation that the support of the community that has available daily, in the past, will not be as structured in the future.

The relationships that have been forged through many hours of classes, lunch breaks, music rehearsals, sport practices will no longer exist in the same format. However, the graduating class of 2018 should be proud of their achievements, of the friendships formed, of the ongoing improvement that they have made both academically and as individuals. In the coming days and weeks, we wish them every blessing as they finish their assessments, and enjoy a final social day at the ‘Mystery Day’ this Thursday. Finally, safe travels at Schoolies.

Joel Butler, Deputy Head of Senior School