The Grass Skirt Project

The Grass Skirt Project was founded by mixed Papua New Guinean heritage elite weightlifter Tahina Booth (2002) – who lived in Lae until the age of nine and has represented Australia at the highest levels of sport.

The Grass Skirt Project seeks to empower communities and facilitate participation in sport in PNG, by collecting donated sporting equipment in Australia and providing it to PNG sports associations, clubs, and grass roots initiatives. In addition, the Grass Skirt Project partners with local sporting organisations to coordinate running training workshops and provide instruction within communities.

This initiative focuses on identifying gaps that exist in communities, and bringing the relevant skills and opportunities directly to them to bridge these gaps. Tahina believes that building strong, inclusive resilient communities is one of the keys to empowering women and children; and will be essential in promoting gender equality and inclusivity.

How can you help? Donate any sporting equipment, old or new, to the Junior High or Senior School receptions, up until 30 November (for more details, see the Grass Skirt flyer, below).

Jenni Gagen, Teacher