AIC Athletics

Congratulations to all Years 7–12 sportsmen who proudly represented St Peters at the AIC Athletics Championships on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

Our students performed extremely well and we have recognised some of our outstanding individual results below. Our 12 years and 15 years age groups, who placed second overall, should be mentioned, as well our Open age group, who took out their Age Division Premiership and, more importantly, defended their title from last year!

With these fantastic contributions, St Peters went one better than 2017, finishing in third place overall in the total points aggregate – our best result in more than 16 years! Even better, St Peters was a convincing 100 points clear of fourth place and a mere one and three-quarter points off Iona who placed second – so close!

Well done to all track and field athletes for a stellar season - we look forward to pushing for even stronger results next year. Thank you to the coaches and coordinators for their efforts throughout the season. Finally, since it was their final chance to represent the College in the AIC sporting arena, we congratulate our Year 12 sportsmen for their outstanding contribution to St Peters Athletics and wish you all the best in your future endeavours, on and off the field.

  • Kyan P: 12 years High Jump, Discus Div B, Triple Jump, Javelin Div B – first in all events (record in High Jump and Triple Jump)
  • Jirra T: 12 years 100m Div 1 – second (new record)
  • Jacob D: 12 years Shot Put Div 1, Javelin Div 1 – first and first (new record in Shot Put and Javelin)
  • Hassan S: 12 years Shot Put Div 2 – second
  • Josiah R: 14 years 1500m Div 2, 14 years 800m Div 1 – first and second
  • Ethan C: 14 years 800m Div 2, 14 years 1500m Div 1 – first and second
  • Robert L: 14 years 100m Div 4 – second
  • Aaron B: 14 years 100m Div 3 – first
  • Reggie B: 15 years 100m Div 2, Long Jump Div 1 – first and second
  • Paddy C: 15 years Long Jump Div 2 – second
  • Freddie M: 15 years Javelin Div 1, 100m Div 1, 200m Div 1 – first in all events
  • Louie K-H: 15 years Discus Div 1 – first
  • Kaya B: 15 years Discus Div 2 – first
  • Malachi H, Reggie B, David A, Freddie Mc: 15 years 4×100m Relay – first
  • Quinn M: 16 years Long Jump Div 1, 200m Div 1, 100m Div 1 – first, first and second
  • Isaac P: 16 years Shot Put Div 2 – first
  • Nathan T: 16 years 100m Div 2 – first
  • Ethan Z: 16 years 100m Div 4 – first
  • Ethan Z, Nathan T, Quinn M, Josh L: 16 years 4×100m Relay – first
  • Rupert D: Open High Jump – first
  • Bradyn C: Opens Triple Jump, 100m Div 2 – first and first
  • Tiko T: Opens 100m Div 1, 200m Div 1 – first and first
  • Jordan M: Open Discus Div 1 – first
  • Zane V: Opens 1500m Div 2 – second
  • Hayden C: Opens 400m Div 1, Opens 800m Div 1 – first and second
  • Murray W: Open Discus Div 2 – second
  • Tim K, Alex J, Bradyn C, Tiko T: Opens 4×100m Relay – first

Congratulations to all St Peters Athletes who proudly represented the College at the recent Queensland School Sport State Athletics Championships. In this high-quality competition between the State’s best athletes, we congratulate Jacob D, Rupert D and Bradyn C. These three students placed in the top two in the state in their respective events, and will now go on to represent Queensland at the National Athletics Championships in Adelaide later this year. Well done.

Matt Bradforde, Boys Sport Coordinator