Girls Sport

Welcome to 2018 Year 7s

This week, we introduced 2018 Year 7 girls into sport. Current Year 6 girls from a variety of primary schools joined us for the Swimming, Touch and Basketball programs.

This program will continue for five weeks and is a fantastic way for new students to meet new people and become familiar with our campus. Knowing where the pool, gym and ovals are will give our new Year 7 students in 2018 a helping hand. We welcome these girls and their families into the St Peters community.

Water Polo

Coordinator: Mrs Elaine Ripamonti

It is great to see our girls becoming stronger and fitter each week as a result of their swimming and water polo training and games. Girls commitment to Water Polo been evident with many girls playing additional games if we are short of players. This is always playing up a division or two, so I congratulate girls and thank them for helping out other teams at short notice. Keep up the great work!

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from girls who wish to play in the U14, U16 and U18 State Titles in early December after the round games are completed. If you are interested please email Elaine Ripamonti.


Coordinator: Miss Danielle Appleton

As we reflect on the 2017 season, we congratulate all girls on their efforts. Special congratulations to the 10B team, who achieved a second placing. Thank you to all parents and caregivers who supported girls this season and to the coaches and coordinator who have made the experience worthwhile. All the best to our Year 12 school-leavers and we look forward to seeing everyone else back for the 2018 season.

Junior Softball

Coordinator: Ms Emy Huntsman

After another false start due to stormy weather last weekend, the Junior Softball season will begin with games this Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

The first round of missed games will be played on Tuesday 7 November. Unfortunately, last Thursday’s games cannot be rescheduled. As the girls will miss either one or two periods of class on these days, so they need to ensure that they catch up on any missed school work.

The girls will be bussed back to St Peters after the games, but if you would like to pick your daughter up from Downey Park, please check in with Ms Huntsman prior to leaving.

Due to the rescheduled games, the Junior Softball Break-Up will now be held on Friday 10 November – any volunteers to help cook some pancakes would be greatly appreciated!

Pre-Season Football

Coordinator: Mr Ben Innes

The 2018 Football season started this week with a friendly, five-a-side tournament. This tournament is open to any girl who wants to play Football in 2018. No prior experience is necessary. The competition will run for three more weeks on Monday 6, 13 and 20 November on Harts Road Oval.

2018 Touch Trials

Coordinator: Miss Anne-Marie George

Our 2018 Touch trials started last Friday afternoon and it was great to see so many girls involved. Trials continue this Friday 3 November (all junior softball players will miss this afternoon) and Friday 10 November from 3:30pm–5.00pm on Mayer Oval. These will be preliminary trials for all teams. It is very important that if you want to be considered for our 2018 Opens Touch Team that you make these trails or contact Miss George.

2018 Senior Softball Trials

Coordinator: Ms Emy Huntsman

Sign-on for Senior Softball has now begun (see the Girls Sport emails). Trials for all current Years 9–11 girls will be held on 9, 14 and 16 November at 6:15am–7:30am on Harts Road Oval and games will be on Saturdays in Weeks 2–6 of Term 1, 2018.


Coordinator: Ms Emy Huntsman

Volleyball training for the girls heading to Volleyball Schools Cup in Melbourne is now underway, with game-play from Wednesday at 5.00pm; strength and conditioning on Thursday after school; and training with Boris on Friday mornings.

Final payments for the trip are due this Thursday 2 November.


The QGSSSA 2018 draw is available.

Kelli Rodman, Susannah Treschman and Kerry Schreiber, Girls Sport Coordinators