Head of Primary Years

Year 1 Music Excursion

After many lessons listening, discussing and moving to the music from Carnival of the Animals, the day (Thursday 26 October) had finally arrived to go to the QSO Concert. With morning teas packed in bags, decorated with pictures of animals and instruments, Year 1 students boarded the bus for the journey to the ABC Studios at South Bank with brewing excitement.

We had just enough time to eat morning tea before entering the performance space. The musicians were warming up, other schools were arriving and it was clear we were in for a musical treat! The group of Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians delighted and entertained their audience with all the fun and excitement of a carnival.

The narrator for the day, Jason, introduced the soloists, asked questions of the audience and even wore funny donkey ears! Our Year 1 students answered many questions  and enjoyed the live performance. Arriving back at school buzzing from their experience, Year 1 spent some of the afternoon painting and writing reflections about this wonderful musical performance. What a great finish to our Unit of Inquiry!

Year 6 Exhibition

Last Thursday evening, Year 6 students presented their PYP Exhibition. The exhibition challenges Year 6 students to apply the essential elements of the Primary Years Programme, directing their own student-led transdisciplinary inquiry into a globally significant issue or topic of their choice. It is a challenging, rigorous and enjoyable opportunity for our Year 6 learners and a joyous community celebration of our young people’s ability to direct their own learning, collaborate and to make a difference to world around them.

Year 6 students proudly shared their learning from the 'Sharing the Planet' unit. Focusing on the central idea, ‘Global Citizens have a responsibility to act on issues of inequality’, students created their own lines of inquiry and questions to research a chosen topic.

Congratulations to our students - you took your learning seriously and were able to articulate the results of your investigation with mature depth and understanding. 

Pam Carden, Head of Primary Years