Reformation: The Discovery of God’s Love Song

St Peters, being a school of Lutheran tradition, joins in the worldwide celebrations of remembering 500 years of Reformation.

Martin Luther rediscovered the gospel of God’s unconditional love when confronted with the message of a church, which stated that you are only acceptable if you behave and be good, and if you do good deeds. Luther knew that he never would be ‘good enough’ or have ‘done enough’ to be acceptable to God.

The discovery of the gospel message, that God loves us as we are (without any 'ifs' attached) came as a huge relief and set him free to share that love of God with others, to proclaim the message of liberation against all odds and in the face of fierce resistance from those in power.

It is a message that challenges the demands and perceptions of the society we live in today, namely that only those who meet certain expectations will be acceptable. The ifs of today’s time may be worded differently but still lead to the same result: that people fear that what they do and who they are as person is not and never will be ‘good enough’. The competition is fierce, the angst to not make it, to not be accepted (or even acceptable), is felt by many, feeling pressured and ‘stressed’ – as too often already expressed by students.

To hear the affirmation that you are good enough, that you are loved and accepted as you are, is as liberating and life-enabling today as it was back then. To hear and to trust that promise of God, that he will hold on to us because he loves us deeply and cares about us compassionately allows breathing space, shelter and refuge when life gets tough.

Those who have experienced what it means to be loved – by parents, family, or friends – will be able to grasp how life-changing that message is. To know that God loves, accepts and believes in you will not only allow you to love yourself, but also to respect the other person, and to love and care what God had granted.

We are privileged that we have written the love song of God on our school emblem and school badges, that we see and even carry it on the school uniforms, being reminded of God’s promise every single day.

If you may have wondered – this is how it looks like, painted as an image by Martin Luther, called the ‘Luther Rose’.

The cross in the middle reminds us that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for holding on to the truth, that God loves every single person unconditionally. The cross is painted on a red heart, reminding us that the death of Christ grants each and every one life and hope, and assures us all of God’s love for us. The heart is fixed on the centre of a white rose to show that faith causes joy, comfort and peace. A blue sky surrounds the rose. It reminds us of the heavenly joy that we are already promised here and now. A golden ring surrounds it all. The ring is a sign of God’s never-ending promise, that he will never ever let go of us. His love for us has no end and will always be there for us. Luther’s Rose reminds us that faith in God is all we need to experience His love, joy and peace.

Silke Moolman, Indooroopilly Chaplain