Year 6 IB PYP Exhibition

Last Thursday and Friday, the annual Year 6 PYP Exhibition was held at the Performing Arts Centre.

The exhibition is an integral part of the IB Primary Years Programme at St Peters and forms the culminating learning experience in all PYP schools. The Unit of Inquiry (‘Sharing the Planet’) students undertake in the lead-up to the exhibition is both rigorous and challenging. The students proudly shared their learning with parents, fellow students, teachers and a variety of school visitors.

Focusing on the central idea, ‘Global Citizens have a Responsibility to Act on Issues of Inequality’, students researched and presented on topics such as poverty, discrimination, food distribution and access to education.

In visiting the exhibition and talking with our Year 6 students, the thing that impressed me most was the real depth of knowledge that the students demonstrated. They were able to talk intelligently and offered many thoughtful solutions to these issues.

Several visitors to the exhibition commented upon the maturity, organisation, confidence and passion of our students. Our Year 6 students have clearly demonstrated one of the key things we emphasise at St Peters - that of striving to be lifelong and life-wide learners. Well done to all involved in a wonderful celebration of learning.

Tim Kotzur, Head of College