News from the Academic Hub

This week, Year 12 IB students commenced their final exam block. They are well-prepared for this challenge and we wish them all the best. Year 12 QCAA students will finish their classes tomorrow and commence exam block next week. Exam timetables are available on Firefly.

Students in Junior High and Years 10 and 11 are encouraged to remain focused with their subjects. It is easy for our remaining students to start to relax and dream of summer holidays but now is the time to settle in and focus on the tasks at hand.

Study Tip #9: Create a Study Group

Who says studying should be boring? Find a group of like-minded people and collaboratively go over material covered in class. Try and teach each other or give each other quizzes to check for understanding. Preparing for a test this way can increase understanding, confidence and enjoyment of learning! What a great idea!

Rachael Turnbull, Head of 7–12 Curriculum – Students