The Integrity 20 Conference 2017

On Thursday 19 October, school leaders from Year 11 attended the Fourth Integrity conference at Griffith University. Among the topics discussed by philosophers, activists, journalists and artists, from all over the globe, were the pursuit of truth in a post-truth world, multiculturalism and politics of fear, censorship, and free speech.

We were fortunate to hear from excellent Chairs for the panels; including Jeremy Burrow (co-creator of The Chaser, Giant Dwarf and The Checkout) and renowned, award-winning journalist/commentator Madonna King.

The students left the day thinking carefully about the comment from the singer/songwriter Kev Carmody: ‘How it is worse to just sit and do nothing about prejudices?' His politically-charged lyrics have made him a powerful voice of protest.

Angela Braby, Coordinator of Social Justice

Student Feedback

‘The Integrity 20 conference was a thought provoking and captivating performance with a series of highly intelligent keynote speakers and panel discussions about very real issues in today’s society. Although hearing about the post truths in the political world and multicultural issues was fascinating, the last session we were able to watch was my favourite.

In the session, Jodie Ginsberg began by introducing the topic of censorship in the arts. Who would have thought people such as Aseem Trivedi from India could have been imprisoned for designing a cartoon against corruption! Overall, it was a very interesting and useful day and I was honoured to attend.’ – Teagan W

‘I was one of the lucky students offered a position to go to Griffith’s fourth annual Integrity 20 Conference. Integrity 20 was an eye-opening experience, talking about the great challenges for humanity. It was a highly captivating conference with a series of academic keynote speakers followed by a panel discussion.

This year, Integrity 20’s theme was ‘Truth, Disorder and Optimism’. Its aim was to challenge perceptions, foster public debate and inspire action for change. We were lucky to listen to philosophers, activists, innovators, educators, journalists, artists and visionaries from all over the world.

The first speech we heard was by John Hewson about ‘the damage to good government from post-truth politics’. Followed by a panel of experts, including Julian Morrow (co-creator of The Chaser and Giant Dwarf). The session run by Jodie Ginsberg was, for me, the most interesting. International speaker, Jodie Ginsberg, is the head of UK-based freedom of expression organisation Censorship. Censorship publishes the work of censored writers and artists and campaigns against censorship worldwide.

Guo Jian is a Chinese-Australian artist. His art is based around the last 50 years of violence and tumult in China. He was taken to jail for creating a piece of art made out of mince. 

Aseem Trivedi is a political cartoonist and human rights activist in India. He was arrested in 2012 and imprisoned until 2015 for designing a cartoon against corruption.

Overall, Integrity 20 is a worthwhile, eye-opening experience for students. It was a privilege to be able to attend. Thank you to Ms Braby for organising this day.’ – Wendy B