G’day, USA – All Bands Concert

Last Saturday, the PAC was a blast with the sounds of all things Band. The annual ‘All Bands’ concert began outside in the Amphitheatre with rousing performances from the Junior and Intermediate Stage Bands. Mr Pradella put both groups through their paces, with highlights being a very groovy rendition of ‘Green Onions’ from Junior Stage Band and the Blues Brothers Revue from the Intermediate Stage Band. Jazz Combo then followed up with some very cool performances of Miles Davis’ ‘All Blues and Kenny Dorham’s ‘Blue Bossa’. Parents, friends and families enjoyed the atmosphere with students and staff whilst having a drink and nibble provided by the MSG parents in the servery.

The concert then transitioned inside to the Auditorium, where things kicked off with a bang from our Intermediate Percussion Ensemble performing ‘Bin There, Trashed That’ on Buckets and Senior Percussion Ensemble lifting the roof with John Parker’s ‘Tree Tree Two’ for massed drums. The audience then settled in for entertaining performances from Concert Band 2, Concert Band 1 and Wind Ensemble. All groups performed musically with precision and energy. It was then time for Symphonic Winds, Senior Stage Band and Pep Band to take to the stage. This final section of the concert took the audience on a journey through the year that was All Bands and some of the repertoire that the group have prepared for the upcoming US tour and CD release.

Pep Band started the show with an up-tempo version of Hawaii 5-0 that signalled the starting point for the US Band Tour. Symphonic Winds and Senior Stage Band then took us through their planned adventures in Hawaii, Los Angeles and San Francisco with performances that matched some of the tour highlights. Disneyland, Sea Life Park, Pearl Harbour, San Francisco State University, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the University of Hawaii being some of the highlights to come.

The concert also included the world premiere of two compositions recorded on the Symphonic Winds CD. The first, a commissioned work by local Brisbane contemporary composer, Mr Shannon Rogers, entitled Unchartered and the second, a composition by our very own Mr Kerry Jacobson, the title track to the CD Coming Home. The CD Coming Home can be purchased from the PAC reception for $10 and is a great representation of a year of dedication and hard work from all musicians. We are all extremely proud of this product and urge everyone to purchase a copy as all proceeds go to supporting the US band tour.

Attention then turned to our graduation Year 12 students who were all acknowledged with a presentation of their baby photos and an opportunity to grace the front of the stage in their formal suits and dresses. A big thank you and congratulations to all of our graduating musicians, who have made an indelible contribution to the St Peters music program.

The concert concluded by bringing the tour full circle, with a sensitive performance of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’, featuring Symphonic Winds and vocalist Wilsen Conn. Congratulations to all performers and a huge thank you to all the staff, students, families and friends that came out to support the St Peters Band program. It truly has been an exciting and rewarding year for all involved.

Grantley Sutch, Co-Director of Co-curricular Music, Head of Bands