Readers’ Cup

Last week, St Peters entered two teams in the Years 8 and 9 Brisbane West Interschool Readers’ Cup competitions. 

The Year 9 competition, hosted by St Peters, consisted of 15 teams. Our teams each placed 10th. Congratulations: Sally C, Molly and Amelia G, Carle P, Toby P, Sophie P, Niki R, Olivia S, and Meileen X.  

The Year 8 competition, hosted by St Aidan’s, consisted of 18 teams and was another hotly contested event. Our two Year 8 teams placed third and 10th.  Congratulations to: Claire S, Nicholas O, Thomas F, Magnus B, Sarah A, Sophie R, Isabel T, and Nicola W. 

Beryl Ashby, Teacher Librarian (Langer Library)