FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics

On Monday 9 October, St Peters Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge ‘Bee Team’ met with Codebots, an organisation working to create robots to help developers write code. 

It was inspiring to see what Codebots are working on and learn how the Bee Team can link in with their expertise. The Bee Team showed Codebots their robot and spoke to them about the FIRST Tech Challenge and St Peters Robotics program. Codebots were kind enough to support us with $100 towards the team, along with inspiring messages and a few stickers.

The Codebots Team joined the Bee Team for the screening of ‘The Code - Debugging the Gender Gap’, and presentations on the topic hosted by the UQ Ideas Hub. Codebot Community Builder, Rosie Odsey, delivered a powerful speech about women in technology along with two other role model women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

The night was a strong motivating force for the Bee Team to continue its work. The movie was an eye-opener and we loved talking with Codebots.

Tim R (Year 9) and Jess G (Year 11)