From the Head of Junior High

Sleep and Devices

We are supporting a number of students whose sleep is being significantly reduced by the accessing of technology throughout the night. In some cases, students are receiving messages into the early hours of the morning. We know that disruption to sleep has a negative impact in all areas of a students’ life: their mood and mental health, physical and emotional development and their ability to learn.

I strongly urge parents to take steps to ensure that devices are not present in their children/s’ room after lights out, thereby allowing them to sleep uninterrupted. 

Staff Changes

As announced last week, long term staff member, Mrs Sue Curtin, has announced her retirement as of the end of this term. Mrs Curtin has worked at the College since 1997 and will be greatly missed. She is going to experience living in the UK before travelling around Australia.

We have been extremely fortunate to secure the services of Mrs Anita O’Donnell, who will take over all of Mrs Curtin’s classes. Previously a full-time member of our English faculty, Mrs O’Donnell has completed many contract positions across Year 7 and we are delighted that she will now be with Year 7 on a permanent basis.

Ms Kelly Fox will be Acting Head of Junior High for Term 3 as I will be on Long Service leave.

As Mr Schaefer and Mrs Kalisch-Smith will be returning in Term 3, I thank Ms Hetherington and Ms Carey for their service throughout Term 2.

Year 8 Camp

Mrs Byrne will send an email to all Year 8 parents during the Student Free Days with the final arrangements for camp, for which students will depart on Monday 16 July (the first day back after the holidays). Please keep an eye out in your inbox.

Year 9 E/F Ironbark

A reminder to 9E/F that 16 July is a packing day for you and we’ll see you all bright and early at the bus stop on Tuesday 17 July. Please arrive by 7.00am for a 7:30am departure.

School Officers' Day

Yesterday we celebrated School Officers’ Day. I thank the incredible support staff we have at St Peters. In particular, I recognise the hard work, care and compassion shown on a daily basis by Mrs Alison Arnold and Mrs Sharman Bolton, without whom Junior High simply wouldn’t operate.

Happy Holidays

It’s been a busy term and I wish everyone a safe and restful holiday. A reminder that school will resume on Monday 16 July.

Trish Allen, Head of Junior High