From the Head of Primary Years

Cross Grade Activities

One of the wonderful things about working in a Prep to Year 12 environment is the opportunity to see students grow and develop into fine young men and women over time. This has been highlighted in the last few weeks.

Our Cross Grade Captains have coordinated a range of activities for buddy play sessions with Lower Primary students to model social skills. These lunchtime buddy play sessions provide great opportunities, not just for our young students, but also for those most experienced senior students to give back to the College. Mrs Izatt and Ms Trevisan, in their role as Deputies, have also had regular contact with Year 12 student leaders and, together, they have come up with meaningful experiences for everyone.

The recent Mothers’ Day Breakfast was catered for by our Years 11 and 12 Hospitality students and was certainly memorable. Led by their teachers, the students exceeded all expectations, from the preparation and organisation, to the execution and clean up. Purpose and authenticity was apparent in all areas of the day.

Helpers for our Under 8s Week Fair were a little younger than our Year 12 students, but no less enthusiastic! Year 6 students have traditionally been buddies for students in the lower year levels and this event gave purpose to the mentoring we often speak about with this group of students. They led activities and were responsible for groups of younger students throughout the morning.

The All Strings Concert, ‘A Music Tale’, was the latest event where the richness of a P-12 education was highlighted to me. Our youngest students, many of whom have only been playing their instruments for a few months, shared the stage with experienced and talented senior students as well as professional performers. What magnificent memories they will take from this event, and hopefully build on their skills and grow from the experience.

To be a part of the wider community and to be able to tap into the extraordinary talent and depth of character that is evident in our College in these recent events, regularly reminds me what a privilege it is to work at St Peters.

End of Semester

I wish you all a very well-deserved holiday break and hope that you have a chance to rest, relax and rejuvenate over the three weeks. Whatever your plans for this time, I trust that they are filled with enjoyment as a family and you are all safe in your journeys. School will resume on Monday 16 July.

Behavioural Expectations

Even though we are now entering our last week of school and everyone is beginning to become tired, the expectations around behaviour and positive relationships with others remain consistent.  The staff will be on the lookout for examples of these manners and behaviours throughout the week. Let’s catch lots of students doing the right thing!

Primary Years Assembly

Last Friday, we enjoyed a P-6 assembly in the Performing Arts Centre, which included a wonderful ensembles concert as well as regular Principals Awards. It was wonderful to enjoy a sense of occasion as we listened to our fantastic musicians. Congratulations to all those students involved in the day!

Pam Carden, Head of Primary Years