From the Primary Sport Coordinator

“Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson.”- Alan Cohen

The following sports are on offer in Term 2: Girls Club (WDNA) Netball, Years 4-6 Run Club, Boys Years 4-6 Rugby, Boys Years 4-6 Football (Soccer) and Boys AIC Chess.

Girls Club Netball

Please check game times on the Western District Netball Association website. Remember to select the correct age and division from the Grade drop-down menu.

Years 4-6 Run Club

This Run Club is open to all Years 4–6 students. Run Club will be on twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons. The sessions will be run by St Peters running coaches. All runners should meet at the Lower Primary Undercroft at 3:20pm.

Training will take place from 3:30–4:15pm at Indooroopilly High Ovals and Robertson Park. Training will conclude at 4:15pm at the Lower Primary Undercroft. Run Club will conclude on Monday 28 May.

Years 4-6 Cross Country Training

  • Monday 3:30pm–4:15pm; and
  • Thursday 3:30pm–4:15pm.

Training starts and finishes at the Lower Primary Undercroft. Years 4-6 Cross Country Training concludes on Monday 28 May

Boys AIC Rugby

Training will begin on Wednesday 18 April:

  • Wednesday afternoon: 3:30–5:00pm at Mayer Oval; and
  • Friday afternoon: 3:30–4:30pm at Mayer Oval.

Boys AIC Football

Training will begin on Wednesday 18 April:

  • Wednesday afternoon: 3:30–5:00pm at Stolz Oval; and
  • Friday morning: 6:45–7:45am at Stolz Oval.

Boys AIC Chess Training

Wednesday afternoon: 4:00–5:30pm at BB2 (classroom next to Langer Library).

Years 5 and Year 6 HPE

It is Athletics Season in Primary HPE. All classes will prepare students for the Inter House Athletics Carnival on Friday 15 June. 

HPE Dates Term 2 

  • Athletics: Monday 21 May – Wednesday 20 June; and
  • Years 4-6 Inter House Athletics Carnival: Friday 15 June.

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Peter Dawson, Primary Sport Coordinator