From the Head of Junior High

Junior High Captains

At St Peters, we aim to foster the personal development of students in a nurturing, vibrant and non-discriminatory environment where God’s love is lived out with hope and confidence in service to others.

With this in mind, the aim for Student Leadership in Junior High is to provide deliberate and planned opportunities where students can discover, explore and develop their leadership skills and potential.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working through the process of electing Junior High Leaders. This week, we announced our Junior High Leaders for 2018. They will be formally installed in Week 7 at our next Junior High Assembly. Congratulations to the following Year 9 students:

  • Junior High Captains: Rachel W and Josiah R;
  • Junior High Vice Captains: Sophie R and Oscar W; and
  • Junior High Representative Team: Mia C (Boarding), Siena F, Ella H, Nanditha K, Jane R, Ashleigh S, Leopoldo A, Botoa C (Boarding), Luke C, Rabee H, Vinesh N, and George T.

Communication During the School Day 

If you haven’t already done so, I ask that you discuss with your child how you can communicate with them during the day if needed. Asking Reception staff to deliver an individual message to a student during the school day should only occur in the case of an emergency. Please discuss various scenarios with your child and have a variety of plans in place with how to deal with them. This will give you peace of mind and improve your child’s confidence in dealing with various situations. Some suggested discussion points include:

  • Changes to plans regarding going home: Junior High students can access their mobile phones whilst at their lockers during morning tea and lunch. Changes to plans can be communicated via text.
  • You’re stuck in traffic and will be late picking them up or your child’s phone battery is dead and they need to contact you about something important: Tell your child not to panic if you don’t arrive within 15-20 mins of your organised time. Junior High Reception is open until 3:45pm. Langer Library (Years 7-12) is open until 8:30pm from Monday - Thursday and until 4:00pm on Friday. There are always staff at Girls’ and Boys’ Boarding Receptions. Phones are accessible at all of these locations.
  • Lost ‘Go Card’ or bus money: Junior High Reception can assist.
  • Forgotten lunch or morning tea: An IOU system runs at Café 45 where students will be offered fruit and sandwiches. Regularity will be monitored.

Does Your Child Know Emergency Numbers from Memory?

It is surprising how many of us rely on our mobile phones for contact numbers but don’t know how to access important numbers if the battery is dead. Please make sure your child knows a few emergency numbers from memory.

Our desire is to support your child in developing the skills to lead a productive, healthy, independent and happy life. f your child leaves an item at home which they need for the school day such as HPE gear or their device, we will slowly stop giving them permission to call home to see if you can bring it to the College for them. Consequences for not being organised are an important part of the learning process and as we progress through the term we encourage you to support them in accepting those consequences.

Trish Allen, Head of Junior High