The Rite Journey

One of the key pillars of the College’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is Holistic Education. St Peters is committed to providing an education that develops the whole person – social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academic. A St Peters education is very much concerned with educating the hearts, minds and hands of our students. This year, one of the key innovations that is linked to the Holistic Education Strategic Pillar has been the introduction of ‘The Rite Journey’ in Year 10.

The Rite Journey is a personal self-development program, offered in gender-specific settings, and designed to support adolescents to grow into self-aware, vital, responsible, respectful and resilient adults. The year-long program focuses on raising young people’s consciousness about transitioning from child to adulthood. This is done both by having conversations about what matters, as well as using a framework of ‘Rites of Passage’ to make this important developmental shift more experiential.

It is being offered as part of the College’s Academic Care and Well-being Program, and aims to build on the transformative and iconic Ironbark experience that our young people undertake in Year 9.

This week, the first two ritual celebrations, known as ‘The Calling’ and ‘The Departure’, will formally mark the beginning of the program for our first group of Year 10 students who will undertake this pivotal growth experience.

More information about The Rite Journey can be found at 

Tim Kotzur, Head of College