​From the Academic Hub

Our Academic Captain and prefects joined Year 7 students to celebrate Junior High Week. A part of Year 7 activities was a seminar to help students plan and implement effective study habits. Our leaders shared their experiences and challenged Year 7 students to think about what might work for them. The session finished with a popular General Knowledge game of Kahoot! It was wonderfull to see the enjoyment and competitiveness of the Year 7 cohort. We hope they are able to take a few tips away to help them with their study this year.

A draft Exam Block schedule was released to Years 11 and 12 students this week. Students have been reminded to check for any clashes and ensure they are aware of the Exam Block procedures, which will be emailed to them and posted in the Locker Areas. 

Rachael Turnbull, Head of 7-12 Curriculum - Students