From the Deputy Head of Senior School

Senior School Attendance

The Senior School is the last stop on the secondary school journey for students. As such, there is a distinct focus on transitioning students to take ownership for their actions. One aspect of our procedures that aligns with this is our ‘attendance’ and, in particular, ‘late arrival’ procedures.

We understand that from time to time, students might be late. Sometimes for reasons within their control and sometimes for reasons outside their control. We value punctuality wherever possible. At all times, we collect and utilise attendance information to work with students to set and ensure good habits for punctuality (wherever possible) are developing.

When a student is late in the Senior School, they must sign in at their Luther House. When they sign in, no official questions are asked, just a friendly smile and assistance from Mrs Burton and Mrs Maynard. Unless notification has already been received by the attendance office, lateness will always be documented as ‘unexplained’. It is an expectation that late arrivals are accounted for and we ask that students follow up with a parent or staff member to ensure this is done through the attendance office. While I know first hand that our young men and women are reliable and trustworthy, it is important that we are certain parents are also aware of the arrival habits of their students.

As a result, our system has been set up so that an automated email will go out each afternoon to all students who are still noted as ‘unexplained”. This email documents the steps the student will need to go through to remove this ‘unexplained late’ from their record. If this is not done, the record will remain and any future ‘lates’ will accrue. It is my hope that all students have no ‘unexplained lates’ against their name. ‘Explained lates’ are not recorded in a student’s academic transcripts.

In the first instance of lateness, an email is generated to the student only to follow up on. In the case of two ‘unexplained lateness’ over the duration of a semester, an email will be generated to the student, parents and the form class teacher. If there are three instances of ‘unexplained lateness’ then the student will be asked to meet with their Year Level Coordinator to discuss the issues causing them to be late and try to formulate supportive plans to ensure students can make the most of their academic learning time by being on time.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Joel Butler, Deputy Head of Senior School