That is What We Are

A big life-moment occurs this week for our Year 12 students as they complete their Secondary schooling. Approximately 2,600 days of schooling over 13 years are done and a new life awaits. 

As a parent of our first child passing this milestone, this has very personal meaning for us. I remember the birth of each of our children vividly and fondly and recall the overwhelming joy of holding them in my arms for the first time. To describe this joy as a feeling seems to undervalue it, because feelings can be fickle. This joy is not. This new experience of joy became part of my being. That’s what children do to their parents!

Parents with children graduating from school will be reminded of this joy and perhaps feel it again. Our kids have made it through their school years and now there is a wide open future to explore!

But alongside the joy is another feeling: fear. Will our children go well? Will they get into their preferred course? Will they find a job? Will they make good friends? Will their relationships be respectful and safe?

Parents realise, sooner or later, their own powerlessness and that there is no end to these questions. We have to let go.

The good news is we can let go. And not with a fatalistic indifference but with confidence that God goes with our children. 

I will be encouraging our Year 12 students and their families at the Springfield Valedictory Service with words from the first letter of John: 

See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are. (1 John 3:1)

That is what we are. Children of God. As creations of our loving heavenly father, we are all God’s children, whether we acknowledge this or not. Our true identity is that we are loved children of God.  So when parents can no longer watch over their children, we can rest assured that God is watching over them. And we can encourage our children to face the future with confidence because of this wonderful reality. 

As our children leave St Peters, we ask to God to guide, direct and protect them in the future as He has in the past. We know He will, that’s His promise. 

Pastor Matt Wilksch, Chaplain