Welcome to the Interactive Rock

Read on (and check out the photo gallery) to find out where to go for the news you need. 

Finding the News that Matters to You

Most of your news (up to four articles per category) will display on the newsletter homepage. For the full list of articles, click on the hamburger menu located at the top right-hand-side of the page. 

Alternatively, you can read all articles for any given category by clicking on the ‘View All’ link at the far right-hand-side of each category heading.

Remember to Check ‘Important Notices’ Each Week 

Find important notices from the sub-schools, Music, Sport, ministry and community groups and much more in the ‘Important Notices’ section. Access Important Notices from the hamburger menu or click on the ‘View All’ link next to any single notice that appears on the homepage. 

On the Important Notices page, click on the category that interests you to expand the list of notices for that category. The number of notices in any given category will appear on the far right-hand-side of the category in a red circle.

Get Back to the Homepage Easily

From any article or notice, you can navigate back to the homepage easily by clicking on the ‘Back to Home’ quick link (located above the article or notice text).

Other quick links, such as ‘Previous Article/Notice’ and ‘Next Article/Notice’ allow you to scroll through articles and notices from start to finish if you wish.

We hope you enjoy St Peters interactive Rock newsletter.

St Peters Publications team