Senior School in 2018

First Day for New Years 10 – 12 Students: Tuesday 23 January

All new students in Years 10 - 12 (i.e. those students who are new to St Peters) will commence on Tuesday 23 January, 2018 for a special Orientation program tailored for the needs of new students. All new students are to attend in full formal school uniform and meet on the steps to the Chapel at 8.00am. Students are not required to bring any textbooks on this day, just a notebook, laptop, lock for their locker and writing materials. Students are asked to provide their own morning tea, but lunch will be provided. Students can be collected from Senior School Reception at 1.10pm.

First Day for All Years 10 – 12 Students: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

Wednesday 24 January is the first day of school for all Years 10 - 12 students. This normal school day runs from 8.00am – 3.10pm. Students should meet at the following venues at 8.00am:

  • Year 10 students: Chapel;
  • Year 11 students: Café 45; and
  • Year 12 students: Performing Arts Centre Auditorium.

Normal classes will commence on this date – all equipment, books, etc will be required for the start of lessons in Period 2.


Please note: as St Peters is cashless, the Café will not be able to be accessed by new students until ID Cards are issued. Therefore, new students will need to bring their morning tea and lunch for the first few days.

Identification (ID) Photos

Identification (ID) photos for all new students will be taken during the first few days of Term 1.

Information Evenings (Parents Only)

Information Evenings for parents of Years 10 – 12 students will take place on Wednesday 7 February from 6:00pm-7:30pm. These gatherings are extremely important as a way of developing a strong connection between parents, the Year Level Coordinator and Form Class teachers. Please mark them in your diary.

Student Timetables and Change of Subjects

Every effort has been made by the Timetable Coordinator to provide the pattern of study requested, but this may not always be possible. Should students wish to request to change a subject, an ‘Application for Change of Subject’ form needs to be completed (find these on MyStPeters via the Senior School ‘Curriculum’ tab) and emailed or handed in to Rachael Turnbull, Head of Curriculum - Students. Subject changes are not always possible due to constraints such as class sizes or timetable clashes with other subjects. Please note that requests to subject allocations are processed as quickly as possible – we ask for your patience. You will be notified by email of the outcome of a request to change a subject. Information regarding teacher allocations and lesson timetables will be provided to students at the commencement of the 2018 school year. Requests for changes to teacher allocations are unable to be considered.

Uniform and Grooming

Students must report to school on the first day in the correct uniform and adhere to our grooming expectations. In particular, we ask that appointments for haircuts be made prior to the commencement of the school year and not left until the first week of school. If at any stage your child is in the incorrect uniform, they should bring a note from home.

Mobile Phones

St Peters recognises that access to a mobile telephone for some students provides peace of mind for parents, enables emergency arrangements to be made conveniently and, in some cases, provides greater safety for students. Their presence at school can also have negative consequences such as taking video and photos of people without their permission, temptation to theft, possibility of loss, the potential for cheating, ease of making harassing or bullying calls and possible disruption of assemblies and Worship.

When using their mobile phones, students phone usage should be restricted to essential communication and teacher directed learning activities only. Further details relating to acceptable use of technology can be found in the Senior School Handbook (available in 2018).

The College accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft, unauthorised use or damage of any mobile phone or media player.

Key Contacts

Mr David Rushmore
Head of Senior School

Mrs Julie Burton
PA to Head of Senior School
Ph: 07 3377 6589

Mr Joel Butler Deputy
Head of Senior School
Ph: 07 3377 6568

Mr Mark Manson
Year 10 Coordinator
Ph: 07 3377 6568

Miss Bronwyn Jamieson
Year 11 Coordinator
Ph: 07 3377 6572

Mrs Amanda Huxham
Year 12 Coordinator
Ph: 07 3377 6516

Mrs Kimberley Jefferd
Head of Exceptional Learners
Ph: 3377 6297 

Mrs Rachael Turnbull
Head Of Curriculum – Students
Ph: 3377 6523