Primary Years in 2018

The Primary Years provides a firm foundation on which to build a highly successful school journey. In 2017, students, parents and teachers have worked in partnership to make the most of this opportunity. Our students can look back on the year and feel proud of their accomplishments.

As we near the end of another busy year in the College, we begin to look forward to 2018. Please refer to the parent handbook on MyStPeters for Primary Years’ details and clarification of the following:

School Commencement

School will commence on Wednesday 24 January 2018.

Prior to Day 1

A letter will be sent out prior to the beginning of the school year. This will outline, to the students, their new class and teacher for 2018. Accompanying this will be a guide to the routines and procedures of the Primary Years. Please take the time to read this and communicate to your child all important information.

New Families Meet and Greet: Tuesday 23 January 2018

Families new to our community in 2018 will receive an invitation to attend a Meet and Greet afternoon in which there will be an opportunity to meet our staff, view their classrooms and generally familiarise themselves with their environment. This will take place on Tuesday 23 January from 1:00pm–2.00pm (for Lower Primary) and from 1:30pm–2:30pm (for Upper Primary).

Directly following this, there will be an opportunity for all students to bring their book packs to their classrooms. This is a chance to off load these so that the first formal day of school can be a little less stressful for everyone. Classrooms will be open from 2:30pm–3:30pm.

While this is a great time to meet your child’s teacher, it is not designed to discuss your child’s needs for the year. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your child in the first few weeks of Term 1.

First Day of School: Wednesday 24 January 2018

Lower Primary

Prep students will proceed to their classrooms on arrival to school. Students in Years 1–4 are to meet at the Grey umbrellas from 8:00am and will be directed to classrooms by staff members. Parents are welcome to take their children to their 2018 classrooms but we ask that you say goodbye quickly to ensure a smooth start for everyone.

Upper Primary

Students in Years 5–6 can proceed directly to their classrooms.


Chapel will commence in the first week of school. For Lower Primary, Chapel will take place on Wednesdays, and for Upper Primary students, Chapel will take place on Tuesdays. Chapel uniform is required to be worn on these days.


Assemblies will take place at the following times:

  • Prep–Year 4 students: each Friday morning commencing at 8:30am in Belfield Hall; and
  • Years 5–6 students: each Thursday afternoon at 2:20pm in Chapel.

All parents are welcome to attend.

Tips for parents of Year 1 students for a successful first week


  • Walk your child to the classroom;
  • Show them where to put their bag;
  • Help them to put their lunchboxes in the large containers;
  • Diaries are left open on desks; and
  • Say goodbye, allow your child to settle with their teacher.


  • Pick up at classroom at 3:00pm.


Parent involvement in the Primary Years activities is most welcome and information about these opportunities will be detailed by class teachers. Teachers are available to meet with parents before and after school, however, an appointment is essential to ensure adequate time can be given. Parent/Teacher interviews are held at the end of Term 1. Portfolio Conferences will occur at the end of Term 3. Written reports on students’ academic progress are available at the end of each semester.

Student diaries are used for written communication between teachers and parents. This is the preferred form of communication between home and school. All members of staff have email and parents are welcome to use this, however, bear in mind that our teachers’ priority is actively teaching children so emails may not be checked within a school day.

Weekly news is incorporated into the College newsletter, The Rock. Other news will regularly be updated on the College’s Learning Management System, Firefly.

Supplementary information will be sent home at other times throughout the year. Individual year levels often prepare their own notices to parents pertinent to upcoming events to that year level.

Primary Years Information Evenings

Parent information evenings, featuring classroom and specialist teachers, will be held in the second and third weeks of Term 1.

Prep Information Night

  • Tuesday 6 February, 5:45pm–7:15pm, Prep Centre/Belfield Hall

Years 1–2 Information Night

  • Tuesday 6 February, 6:30pm–8:00pm, Belfield Hall

Years 3–4 Information Night

  • Thursday 8 February, 6:30pm–8:00pm, Belfield Hall

Years 5–6 Information Night

  • Thursday 1 February, 6:30pm–8pm, Chapel

These extremely important gatherings help to develop a strong connection between parents, form class and specialist teachers. Please mark them in your diary.


Uniform is compulsory for all students in the Primary Years. Lower Primary students wear sports uniform on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and formal uniform on Wednesdays. Prep students wear the sports uniform five days a week.

Students in Upper Primary will wear their formal uniform Tuesdays and Thursdays. Their sports uniform is worn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Students must be neatly dressed each day in clean, well-fitting uniforms. Black leather lace-up shoes are required for the formal uniform while predominantly white sports shoes are the prescribed footwear for all other times. Please name all items of clothing. Please refer to the parent handbook on MyStPeters under the ‘Primary Years’ school tab for further details and clarification.

St Peters is an official SunSmart school and a regulation is that the appropriate hat is always worn outdoors. Rash shirts must be worn during swimming lessons. Sunscreen is also a requirement when going outdoors.

Due to allergies, each child is responsible for bringing their own personal supply of sunscreen. A roll-on stick clearly marked with the child’s name is preferable.


Swimming lessons are held weekly during Term 1 (beginning in Week 2) and Term 4 as part of the Physical Education Program. These classes are conducted in the 25m pool. Students are required to bring their swim-wear, towels, sunscreen, goggles and swim caps for each lesson. Students in Years 3–6 are required to provide their own flippers. Class teachers will notify the children of their timetabled HPE day.


Children are expected to bring healthy lunches from home each day. Sweets, chocolates and other high fat/sugar foods are strongly discouraged.

Students in the Lower Primary setting have access to the facilities of Café 45 with a pre-ordered tuckshop facility. The service is offered for three lunchtimes per week – Monday, Tuesday and Friday – with a small menu for students in Years 1–4 only. Prep students will be able to order tuckshop from Term 2. The format will require parents to order online and the food will be delivered to the Lower Primary classrooms just prior to lunchtime. Parent volunteers help pack the lunches on these days.

Students in Upper Primary may access the Tuckshop each day, but must remember to bring their ID card with them at all times. Please ensure adequate money is available on your child’s card if you intend for them to access food at the tuckshop.

Our parent support groups organise special lunch days from time to time throughout the year. More specific details will be communicated to parents at these times.

To reduce the risk of allergic reactions children are not permitted to share lunches. Whilst we do not have a policy, we have several children with allergies in the Primary Years and ask that nuts be excluded from your child’s lunchbox.


The car parks at the entrance to the school and on internal roads are reserved for staff only. For safety reasons, under no circumstances are these areas to be used for dropping off or picking up of children between 7:00am and 3.30pm.

There are two green two-minute setdown zones either side of Lambert Road near Lower Primary for parents dropping off children. Parents are not permitted to drive into the school grounds to drop off or pick up their children unless using Kiss and Go. Parents are encouraged to use the Kiss and Go Zone, which operates between 7:55am–8:10am and 3:05pm–3:30pm in the Stolz Oval car park. This service has been provided to ease congestion along Lambert Road and to ensure our children are safe. Students from Years 1–6 can utilise this service.

The drop off area for Upper Primary students is on Harts Road. This can also be congested at times, so care must be taken at peak times around this area.


Before School – Lower Primary

Children should arrive no earlier than 8:00am and should depart immediately after school finishes, unless attending Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) or a supervised after-school activity. Although supervision is provided for a short period before and after school, to ensure the safety of children arriving and departing, it is not intended that this should be an extended play time. Please note that, for safety reasons, children should not be at school unaccompanied by an adult before 8:00am, as this is when playground supervision begins.

Children who arrive unaccompanied before 8:00am or who do not depart promptly after school, or immediately after an after-school activity, will be taken into Outside School Hours Care and the usual fee will be charged.

Before School – Upper Primary

Duty commences from 7:45am. Students arriving prior to this should also be in an authorised before school activity or Outside School Hours Care.

During School

Students in Prep–Year 6 will receive an ID card early in the school year. Students in Years 5–6 are required to sign in and out with this card at the Upper Primary Reception. Parents of students from Prep–Year 4 are required to accompany their child with their ID card to the appropriate reception if their child is arriving late or departing early. This is a mandatory procedure as it serves as a record of attendance for students throughout the College.

After School

Students should make their way promptly to the designated pick up areas as soon as school has finished unless attending supervised after-school activities. They may not play on College grounds, en route to and from school. To prevent any misunderstandings or concern for your child’s safety, please ensure that the school is advised of any changes in travelling arrangements.


In the event your child is unable to attend school because of illness, medical appointments etc., it is the responsibility of parents to contact the College before 8:00am.

Students in Prep–Year 4: Please advise of the intended absence by emailing A phone call to the Lower Primary absentee line for Prep–Year 4 on (07) 3377 6565 can be an alternative.

Students in Years 5–6: Please advise of the intended absence by emailing A phone call to the Upper Primary absentee line for students in Years 5–6 on (07) 3377 6123 can be an alternative.

An SMS message will be sent to your mobile if absences are unexplained. If you receive an SMS, please reply to this notification of your child’s whereabouts as a matter of urgency.

Parent Support Groups

The Parent Support Groups provide further opportunities for parents to become involved in the College and new members are always most welcome. These groups meet on a regular basis (twice per term) and dates for meeting times can be found in the school calendar.


It is a requirement of the College that any parent, volunteer or individual visiting the College campus sign in at the designated reception areas. Upon signing in, visitors will receive a visitor badge. This applies to all volunteers (parents, family members, visitors, etc) helping in classrooms as well as anyone who is on the College grounds. The safety of our children is paramount.

Key Contacts

Mrs Pam Carden
Head of Primary Years

Mrs Elaine Ripamonti
Personal Assistant to Head of Primary Years

Mrs Kym Izatt
Deputy Head of Lower Primary

Ms Lia Trevisan
Deputy Head of Upper Primary

Ms Joanne Pearn
P–6 Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs Kimberley Jefferd
Head of Exceptional Learners

Ms Susan Creese
Primary Music Coordinator

Mr Peter Dawson
Primary Sports Coordinator

A warm welcome is extended to you all for your journey in Primary Years in 2018.