Ministry in 2018

The Lutheran Ethos at St Peters

The Lutheran Ethos stands behind and impacts every area of life in the St Peters community – College campuses at Indooroopilly and Springfield, Congregation at Indooroopilly, Worshipping Community at Springfield and Outdoor Education at Ironbark. The Lutheran Ethos affects the way community is experienced, behaviour management is exercised, successes are celebrated and hurts are healed. The Lutheran Ethos impacts the way everything is done at St Peters – 24/7, 365 days a year.

What is the Lutheran Ethos?

We are called to be the Gospel of Christ amongst the people of St Peters so that all may experience authentic life in a restorative community.

What does that mean?

The Gospel is the good news that God is with us in Christ. Jesus shares the journey with all people. Despite our unworthiness, God sees us as worthwhile through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

The people of St Peters includes all students, families, staff, Old Scholars and congregation members.

To experience an authentic life means that each person is allowed and encouraged to discover who they are and who God calls them to be in community.

All communities bring with them successes, room for ‘Plus Ultra’ – more beyond, brokenness and a need for healing.

A restorative community is one which is continuously seeking to restore and heal broken relationships. This is how God’s reconciliation through the love of Christ is experienced in authentic community.

These values motivate us to:

  • strive for excellence in developing the whole person;
  • respectfully and regularly experience, share and participate in Christian sacramental worship;
  • show care, dignity and respect for all people in every situation;
  • acknowledge each person’s God given worth and value, despite their imperfections;
  • help each person to discover and grow in the assurance of their unique God-given worth and purpose;
  • enjoy community life through active and positive engagement;
  • empower people in serving, and learning from, the community;
  • celebrate each person’s contribution to the community; and
  • employ restorative practices in all situations where there is brokenness or wrongdoing.


Kirstin Munchenberg
Lower Primary and Upper Primary
Ph: 07 3377 6265

Silke Moolman
Senior School and Boarding
Ph: 07 3377 6244

Michael Mayer
Junior High and Ironbark
Ph: 07 3377 6293

Thomas Böhmert
College Senior Pastor
Ph: 07 3377 6525

Matthias Prenzler
St Peters Congregation
Ph: 07 3377 6507

St Peters Congregation

St Peters Congregation worships on Sundays at 9:00am in the Chapel, with children’s ministry.

For more information, small groups, choir, etc, please contact the Church office on 07 3377 6245.

First communion instruction, Baptism preparation and Confirmation are offered throughout the year. Please contact the chaplains if you are interested.