School Fees

A Tax Invoice/Statement will be emailed to the address recorded on the College’s records prior to commencement of each term and can also be viewed on myStPeters. Please contact if you need any assistance to access your account.

Fees for Term 1, 2018 are due on 24 January 2018.

Please note that the Pay by Phone service is no longer available for payment of school fees. For further information on methods of payment, please refer to the 2018 Fee Schedules:

Download the 2018 Domestic Student Fee Schedule

Download the 2018 International Student Fee Schedule

ASG Funding Solutions

ASG Funding Solutions is an education costs payment service that spreads your child’s school fees out into manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

ASG Funding Solutions pays your fees and other education costs directly into your school’s account when they are due, while you pay ASG Funding Solutions back in easy-to-manage instalments.

How ASG Funding Solutions helps families:


ASG Funding Solutions can cover any fixed school payments, including the costs of tuition, boarding, camps, building funds and extra-curricular activities such as music tuition.

Peace of Mind

We pay your child’s fees directly to the school by the due date, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. Other costs such as payment for school uniforms and books will be paid directly to the service provider on your behalf and you pay us back.


ASG Funding Solutions can be used at most Australian schools where the annual fees are more than $1000 per family. If your child changes school, we can adjust your instalments to reflect the new school’s fees.

Co-contribution of Instalments

With ASG Funding Solutions, the instalments can be split between two members, enabling separated parents or grandparents, to co-contribute to a child’s school fees.

Hassle Free

Paying education costs by instalment makes good sense, however, setting up an arrangement with the school can be an uncomfortable experience for some. We liaise directly with the school on your behalf.