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From the 40 St Peters Springfield graduates—23% received an Overall Position (OP) from 1-5, the highest result in the Springfield area. This is particularly noteworthy given the consistently extremely high percentage of St Peters Springfield students who complete an academic program and graduate with an OP. In 2018, 97.5% of Year 12 students were awarded an OP. The 2018 Ipswich area average was 40%, the lowest at 7% and no other school being above 80%.

Of our 2018 graduates, 80% have gone directly on to university pursuing studies in diverse areas including: Engineering, Mathematics, Aviation, Design, Biomedical Science, Exercise Science, Forensic Science, Psychology, Nursing, Justice, Law, Psychology, Teaching, Architecture, Construction, Intelligence, Information Technology, Computer Science, Film and Media, Arts, Business, Commerce, Economics, International Tourism, Hotel Management and Finance. Of these, 28% are enrolled in honours programs.

Year to year, the mix of institutional pathways selected by our students changes in accordance with their aspirations and in consideration of lifestyle factors. Of the 2018 university bound graduates, 29% were heading to Griffith University, 29% to Queensland University of Technology, 18% to University of Queensland, 12% to University of Southern Queensland and 12% to other universities. 

The preferred post-school destinations for 20% of our 2018 graduates was through to education and training providers such as TAFE (Nursing) or All Trades (Electrotechnology), apprenticeships or work. All but one of these students maintained their OP eligibility thus keeping their options open at the end of Year 12. For some this meant maintaining their academic program at school whilst undertaking a school-based apprenticeship, traineeship, Certificate course or trade training one day a week. Their dedication to balancing and maintaining this duel commitment is to be commended.

We are proud of the diligence of our students whose application through their final year saw further improvements in their Grade Point Averages (GPAs) in accordance with the goals they set for themselves in their final year of schooling. In doing so they maximised access to their desired pathways. Increased attention to student tracking of GPAs, setting of academic goals and implementing strategies that would assist them in achieving their goals was a focus of 2018. The improvement and personal bests that flowed from this focus were a cause for community celebration in the Secondary School and forms part of the St Peters culture.

We are delighted that our graduates are excited about transitioning to the next stage of life and their learning journey and that the appropriate doorways are open to them.  We all possess different gifts, talents and aptitudes, with differing senses of vocation, calling and purpose to put that which we have been blessed with and developed to use in service to others, our community and society. May our St Peters graduates be salt and light in the world, making a positive difference wherever they find themselves. We look forward to hearing their unfolding stories and pray God bless them in all their endeavours.