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St Peters Water Polo has successfully grown in strength over the years thanks to our dedicated and passionate coordinators, both past and present. A large portion of these coaches are Old Scholars and Water Polo players, and bring vast knowledge and experience to their coaching. We believe that the return of these junior coaches is perhaps the biggest reason why we are seeing our players return every season, which is allowing continuity and progressive development in strength and skill. 

St Peters Water Polo Coordinator, Jenny Pavlides, says, “the coaches are really invested in their teams and this sense of strong community belonging builds a better team. The players become very committed to training and increased work ethic.”

The stamina and power Water Polo players require means they are always on alert during a game. It is a full-body workout that often requires players to swim from one end of the pool to the other, sometimes carrying (or perhaps dragging!) extra weight of a rival team member. The sport teaches athletes to be a member of a team, to love water, to be strong and, it creates an inner competitive spirit which, then builds into a strong passion. 

The St Peters Water Polo program grows every year. This season the College entered seven teams into the BWPI Club Competition, totalling 78 girls. At the beginning of the 2018/2019 season, a team of girls went down to the 16 and Under National Club Water Polo Championships in Hobart. This tour was a first for our Water Polo girls which not only gave players the opportunity to compete against a range of other top players and schools across Australia, but also to contribute to the overall development of the Water Polo program. Our teams also played regional and state competitions throughout the season.

The strength of Water Polo at St Peters was showcased this year with both the Under 14 and Open teams making the BWPI Grand Finals, which is an amazing result for a such a small program. The Open team played in a hotly contested final game however, they narrowly missed the title going down by just one goal. The Under 14 team dominated most of the 2018/2019 season and won the premiership in a display of sheer team brilliance. Congratulations to these teams on an exceptional season. 

Jenny explained why the girls were so successful this season: “Entering teams in the regional and state titles allowed them to play some hard, high level games. This led the girls into the second half of the season tougher, both mentally and skill wise, allowing for excellent team cohesion and individual player development.” 

Ultimately, Jenny says this is what produced a greater ability for the players to take on board what coaches were implementing from week to week. “It set a cycle of positive and progressive improvement. The time invested to compete in a long season and expose the players to higher levels of competition has developed competitive and passionate people.” And it was obvious in the end. Combining enthusiasm and skill development created the ultimate ingredients for success.

Congratulations to all St Peters Water Polo players and good luck for next season!