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The National Computer Science School (NCSS) is a ten-day summer school for students going into Years 11 and 12. Year 11 student, Sean T, had the privilege of being selected to attend the camp in Sydney this year.


Read the recount of his experience:

5 January 2018: I set out for Women’s College, University of Sydney for a ten-day camp that would change everything. By the first day, they were already sending us away for lectures, giving us micro-controllers and giving us some serious team building exercises.

I don’t know what I expected, but I know that what I got was much different. I spent ten days with like-minded people, learning about Python-3, working in a development team, masterclasses, lectures, site visits, fun, games and the infamous all-nighter. There were about 120 who arrived on the steps of Women’s College; we were then separated into nine groups, and each group into teams. We left as a single collective: NCSS 2018. There were hardships, struggles, victories, joy, syntax errors – too numerous to count! – and merge conflicts everywhere.

I learned a lot, not just about what it’s like to work in the IT industry but also about myself; I left the NCSS Summer Camp a different person and I’ll never be the same. It was an experience unlike any other and I would do it all over again.

I am a high school student who gave up some of his holidays to do an accelerated university subject and didn’t want to leave.

(by Sean T, Year 11)

What is NCSS?

The National Computer Science School (NCSS) provides quality educational opportunities for Australian high school students to learn computer-programming skills.

The aim is to attract students into considering the career choice offered by studying an ICT related subject at University. Working with industrial sponsors, NCSS provides students with an opportunity to visualise a path to interesting, programming-related careers in engineering and computer science. Find out more here:

Photos: Group photo NCSS 2018, Sean talking at Senior School assembly, 6 March 2018.

Gudrun Baessler, Teacher

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