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It’s a little known fact that St Peters IT team manages a super-fast and stable internet connection that goes directly to Australia’s world-class AARNET network, via a link at the University of Queensland.

This dedicated optical network, a seperate one to standard telecommunications and reserved for academic, scientific and educational institutions, delivers University-class speeds to St Peters Indooroopilly and Springfield campuses.

It is rated at 1 gig or 1000 mega-bits per second of bandwidth for downloading and uploading (a standard home plan for comparison only uploads at around 10 Mbps). This is the equivalent of downloading one High Definition documentary episode every 15 secs all day, every day. 

This bandwidth means College systems like the Firefly Learning Management system can run seamlessly and virtually without downtime so students and staff can fully embrace resource-levelling collaboration and idea-sharing.

Backing up this online capacity is the College’s data storage banks, which across both campuses sits at over 400 tera-bytes, with built in redundancy to cover backups, staff drives, caches and storing student work.

This year, the IT team is overseeing the installation of a second high-speed line from TPG. While St Peters bandwidth is already well ahead of the NBN being made available to many schools and businesses, this new line lifts total capacity to 2 gig or 2000 mega-bits per second. 

Information and Technology Services Manager, Matthew Maynard, explained the new line will “further increase capacity for current projects and provide room to extend into more data-intensive applications like 360 degree video and Virtual Reality." 

Access to information and communications is an integral part of the school’s atmosphere. Much like oxygen, it’s invisible but constantly available to power St Peters' increasingly interactive and powerful learning environment.

Watch the video to see our internet in action

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