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St Peters is exploring new ways to augment best practice learning platforms for teachers through an innovative pop-up model of professional development known as LearnChats.

An initiative of St Peters IT and eLearning teams, LearnChats are being trialled with Primary Years teachers with the help of ICT Trainer, Jonathan Nalder, and eLearning Facilitator, Rachael Yates.

LearnChats operate as a pop-up drop-in space where staff can ask questions about the College’s network and devices and learn more about how to build best practice off this foundation.

“They are designed to work as regular but informal drop-in sessions where teachers can access them easily, ask their burning questions, get a practical answer straight away, and then head back to their classrooms,” Jonathan said.

 “It also provides a space for those who enjoy collaborative learning and for teachers to share tips they’ve discovered with their peers.”

Topics covered in the two before-school trials conducted so far include class blogs, video embedding, and using Firefly, the College’s web 3.0 learning management platform.

Future sessions are being planned around the teachers’ agile tablet and pen-equipped laptops and day to day skills that improve classroom productivity.

The next step is to have LearnChats pop-up in Senior School locations.

“St Peters has a world class network, devices and team,” Jonathan said.  “Our challenge is, what will we build on this platform to help students aim even higher?”

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