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A group of St Peters teachers at St Peters Indooroopilly, have embarked on a learning project that builds on the College’s world-class digital platforms to facilitate dynamic, interactive learning opportunities in Health and Physical Education (HPE) for our Primary Years students.

In late 2017, Cameron Glass and Peter Dawson, who both hold Masters Degrees in High Performance Coaching, began collaborating with St Peters eLearning Facilitator, Rachael Yates, to produce a bank of flipped learning PE videos, designed to help students become familiar with basic theory before class, so more time can be allocated to practicing and receiving feedback during class time.

The emergence of the flipped classroom is providing teachers and students with a new learning model, where students are not just receptors of information, but participants in their own learning. The main goal of a flipped classroom is to enhance student learning and achievement by reversing the traditional model of a classroom.

Cameron explained he and Peter first recognised the potential for flipped learning in Physical Education while introducing high jump to Upper Primary students. 

“After teaching at St Peters for many years, we had noticed an increasing amount of children arriving at class unsure of a particular skill or technique,” Cameron explained.

“We identified that imagery would be a valuable tool when introducing a new skill or activity to our students so they could visualise and replicate the movements and technique involved.”

Last year, Peter and Cameron “dabbled” with the concept, providing students with ‘step by step’ instructions of how to execute their hip hop dance.

“The results where phenomenal,” Cameron explained. “Students were practising their moves at home and arriving at the next lesson ready to move forward on the dance. We liked how the ‘flipped classroom’ empowered the students to continue their learning outside of the classroom at their own pace, while having a dramatic influence on the final product of the unit.”

With the success of the hip hop experience, Cameron and Peter turned their attention to swimming and set about creating a series of 30 sequential instructional videos aimed at Primary Years students to assist them with techniques for their stroke production. 

The videos provide students with professional-level options like slow motion, freeze frames and commentary and help students memorise the drill for each stroke and understand the key individual elements of its execution.  

This presented particular challenges around filming underwater and capturing the action from different angles. 

“We didn’t realise that we had started with the most difficult sport first!” Cameron explained. 

“The array of angles and under water footage made the swimming project a challenging task.”

Cameron said the project was made possible through collaboration with eLearning Facilitator, Rachael Yates, and Deputy Head of Lower Primary, Kym Izatt. 

Using standard iPads, school Camera Kits, Apps and school Go Pro cameras for the underwater shots, Kym assisted with the filming, while Rachael set up a collaborative Google Doc to store key information such as volume levels for music and commentary, shot lists and shooting formulas so that each team member could check and update them anytime. 

Ty Curtis of Activate Entertainment provided additional support and training and delivered professional development as part of the project. 

Cameron said the next project will involve new units in cross country and athletics. These videos will include detailed instruction on sprinting drills, high jump, long jump, shot put and running techniques.

“Our long-term goal is to have a comprehensive database of videos to complement all areas of our curriculum for Years 3-6,” Cameron said.

“This will translate to students being able to learn at home and practice and refine their skills during HPE lessons.”

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