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When Sam started Prep this year, he was perhaps a little too young to appreciate the significance of his place in the school. Sam and older brother, Max (Year 4) and their cousins, Sarah (2011) and Chris Zillmann (2014), are third generation St Peters’ scholars.

The association began with the late Herb Zillmann (1957), who married Amelia Lemberg (1959) in 1963, several years after graduating from St Peters.

As Amelia explained, she left St Peters to study dressmaking at the Mackay School of Arts, while Herb returned home to his family’s dairy farm, and later began a career in banking that spanned nearly 40 years.

Amelia and Herb had three children, John (1981), Mark (1982) and Janetta (1988), and in 1978, the family moved to Brisbane and the siblings became the second generation to attend St Peters.

‘In 1978, we transferred the children from Concordia in Toowoomba to St Peters,’ Amelia recalled. ‘John and Mark went into Years 8 and 9, and Janetta started in Year 2.’

Amelia’s daughter, Janetta Rose, said she had very fond memories of her school days.

‘I loved St Peters and still have very strong friendships from my time at St Peters,’ Janetta said.

‘The school provides a strong academic foundation with a wonderful individual focus that nurtures and assists the children to realise the potential of the many gifts they bring to the school.’

During their children’s schooling, Herb and Amelia were actively involved at St Peters in various capacities. Herb chaired the College Council and served on Council for 21 years. As a former boarder and sportsman, he was an advocate for boarding students and he loved to coach cricket.

The driving force behind the establishment of technology curriculum and facilities at St Peters, the Technology Centre was named in Herb’s honour.

‘The naming of the Technology Centre after Dad, particularly before his passing, was and continues to be an honour for him and for us,’ his daughter, Janetta explained. ‘Herb had a passion for education and improving the school’s facilities.’

In 2001, Herb was awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for his contribution to Australian education.

‘My dad’s goal was to provide a positive environment to nurture and grow the faith of the children so that they would learn to serve others in the community,’ Janetta said.

Along with her husband, Amelia has also made an invaluable contribution to the school. In 1980, the Junior School Head Mistress, Wendy Roehrs, asked Amelia to run an after school care program. Starting with a half a dozen children, Amelia served in this capacity for the next 18 years, paving the way for the Outside School Hours program that operates today.

It’s obvious her parents’ service and ongoing commitment to St Peters have made a lasting impression on Janetta and her siblings, which she hopes to carry on.

‘My brother John served on the College Council until 2013 and my mother Amelia worked as the Outside School Hours Care leader for 18 years, so the principle of giving and service is a guiding theme in our life that we hope to instil in Max and Sam as they continue on their journey through the school,’ Janetta explained.

Janetta said it was a natural decision to enrol their sons, Max and Sam, at St Peters even though her husband had a strong association with his school.

‘Whilst Max and Sam are still too young to fully grasp their special association with the school, they will come to appreciate that the association also carries responsibility to uphold the values of the school and to be role models for other students,’ Janetta said.

She said she and her husband looked forward to serving the school in some capacity as well to continue the tradition of service to the school.

‘The association is very special to my family and we enjoy the deep bonds that we have fostered with St Peters.’