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eSmart Status Achieved at Indooroopilly!

St Peters Indooroopilly has been officially recognised as an eSmart School.

eSmart Schools is an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and is a recognised framework used in thousands of schools nationally.

St Peters Indooroopilly began the process in 2014 as part of the school's commitment to ongoing cyber safety. St Peters eLearning Coordinator, Amanda Rablin, and HPE Teacher, Natalie Benfield, have been coordinating the eSmart process.

"Since we first registered for the program, we have introduced many initiatives to improve the way the College manages cyber safety, bullying and cyberbullying," Ms Rablin explained.

"Achieving eSmart status is a significant achievement, and in order to sustain this, we will continue to implement cyber safety and well-being initiatives in our community."