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Parents of Year 4 students enjoy watching their children apply the knowledge learned during their unit of inquiry about how the world works.

Throughout the unit, students learn about the forces involved in motion and through scientific inquiry they develop the skills of questioning and predicting; planning and conducting; processing and analysing data and information; and communicating understanding.

Students build Rube Goldberg inspired ‘machines’ to demonstrate what they have learned about the forces involved in motion.

How exciting to see balloons bursting, dominoes falling and balls rolling over and through the students’ wacky machines, while they enthusiastically explain the process and forces involved to onlookers.

It is especially fun to see the students adapting and modifying their machines to overcome the inevitable problems faced during the display and to see parents' amazement at the level of skill and understanding their children display.

St Peters Primary Years Programme Coordinator, Mrs Joanne Pearn, is pleased with the outcomes from the unit.

‘It is a fine example of what the students can learn as a result of teacher-facilitated inquiry,’ she said.

Our students reflected on the unit:

This task helped me improve my understanding of motion because when the ball accelerated down the ramp I could see it change its velocity. – Isabelle.

This unit helped me as I found out the exact meaning of friction. – Emily.

I did not know about Newton’s laws of motion but this task helped me understand them. – Oliver.