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Two St Peters Year 11 students recently returned from a month-long Oxbridge Academic Program in the United Kingdom.

Madi J and Natalie F who studied at Oxford and University of St Andrews respectively were thrilled with their Oxbridge experience.

Madi hopes to build a career in international law and chose to attend Oxford as her study destination because the course seemed more practical than other options.

‘In my course, majoring in international law and minoring in human rights, we talked about real world issues and it seemed more useful than some other options that focused more on American law,’ she explained.

Natalie chose to study medicine with a minor in anatomy and physiology at St Andrews because of its reputation as a medical school. Her father also suggested that she take advantage of this opportunity to study somewhere she had never been before.

‘I’ve been to the USA. Scotland seemed like somewhere I would never go to were it not for this program. It also gave me the opportunity to visit family friends in London,’ Natalie said.

Natalie said the opportunity reinforced for her that she wants to study medicine and has inspired her to do whatever she needs to do to make her dream a reality.

‘This program allowed me to have a taste of what life is like as a university student studying medicine and the opportunity to discover if medicine is a career I would like to pursue.’

St Peters Careers Counsellor, Jacqui Estevao, facilitated the students’ participation in the Oxbridge program.

‘I hope more of our Year 11 students will embrace this and other enriching educational opportunities,’ she said.

But the trip was not only about the academics. Each day the girls were able to get to know their fellow students, try the local food and explore their surroundings during lunch. On weekends, organised activities like sports, and the traditional clan wars at St Andrews and punting at Oxford kept them occupied.

Madi and Natalie were enthusiastic in their praise of the program.

‘I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone. It is an amazing opportunity for students who would like to broaden their horizons and see the bigger picture,’ Madi said excitedly. ‘The academic and cultural knowledge I have gained is wonderful. The bonds with the other students from all over the world are so strong. I am still in contact with people I met during my month every day. I can’t wait to do more travelling and catch up with my classmates.’

‘I definitely recommend Oxbridge,’ Natalie said. ‘This was one of the best experiences of my life. The friendships I made with people from all over the world and the knowledge I gained will stay with me. I gained independence and confidence. I had the best time.’’

What is the Oxbridge Academic Program?

The program commenced over 30 years ago with the foundation principles of imaginative teaching, experiential learning, and cultural enrichment. Still today, these principles ensure that Oxbridge students are taught by some of the most talented teachers in the world at world-leading tertiary institutions.

In 2016, students from over 100 countries participated in Oxbridge programs.

An information session for Year 10 students and their parents will be held early in Term 4. For more information, visit or email our Careers Counsellor, Jacqui Estevao.

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