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Ministry Outreach is one of the pillars of the College’s 2016–2020 Vision and lies at the heart of a St Peters education and ethos.

How that translates into the everyday lives of students and staff is different for each person. However, in living the College’s mission, Excellence in Christian Co-education, the St Peters community is encouraged to embrace the grace and love of Christ.

The St Peters Ministry team, led by College Senior Pastor Thomas Böhmert, celebrates and shares the Gospel with our community in a number of ways, providing spiritual leadership and a greater understanding of the Christian ethos.

‘At St Peters we challenge our students to excel and fulfil their God-given potential but we also want them to be aware of a bigger picture – a spiritual reality with the Gospel of Christ at its heart,’ Pastor Thomas explained.

As a College of the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District, Pastor Thomas says continuing to foster an understanding of the Lutheran tradition for staff and students is an important objective of the Ministry teams at Indooroopilly and Springfield.

‘We have four chaplains at St Peters Indooroopilly assigned to sub schools and one chaplain pastor at Springfield, who is also working to build up a new congregation,’ Pastor Thomas said.

On the Indooroopilly Ministry team are: Silke Moolman (Senior School and Boarding); Michael Mayer (Junior High and Ironbark); Kirstin Munchenberg (Primary Years) and Thomas, whose role is to support the Chaplaincy staff, develop Chaplaincy and Ministry in the community, teach Christian Studies and assist Senior Leadership in strategic development in Ministry Outreach. St Peters Springfield is served by Pastor Matthew Wilksch. St Peters congregation pastor, Matthias Prenzler, also works closely with the team.

‘We serve a community of thousands of people if you count students, parents, Old Scholars and the St Peters Church and Arise congregations… it’s a very large community,’ Pastor Thomas said.

The Ministry team at St Peters works together to provide regular worship, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, celebration of the sacraments, devotions and pastoral care for the community. Each student attends Chapel at least once a week.

‘We want to connect our community with the message of Christ, help all to live in the assurance of being held and with hope for the future,’ Thomas explained.

‘We often have students leading Chapels, which makes it more meaningful for their peers.’

Pastor Thomas commented music and singing is important in the Chapels.

‘I suppose that was one of Luther’s insights. The Reformation was a singing event. We do have a variety of music… and we include both modern and classical music in our worship,’ Pastor Thomas said.

Ministry at St Peters centres on God’s love actively lived out with hope and confidence in service to others. The Ministry team, in conjunction with the Coordinator, is therefore involved in service learning, which is formalised within the Year 9 curriculum.

Thomas cites some of the service learning opportunities such as fundraising through Community Focus Days; the Indigenous immersion and Year 11 International Baccalaureate trip to Cambodia – experiences which he describes as ‘transformative’.

‘These experiences are helping students to get a different view of life,’ Pastor Thomas explained.

‘God has gifted us immensely here and we want to use these gifts in service of His world. It’s a response to God’s love for us.’

Pastor Thomas also relishes the opportunity to teach Christian Studies and supports a rigorous academic approach to the subject.

‘We seek to have students understand what Christianity is about; the key messages of this faith, the history… but also to think deeper in terms of who they are, to be aware of other religions, and the ethical dimensions of life which are often linked to religious and philosophical thought,’ Thomas said.

Pastor Thomas is adamant that relevant and spiritual pastoral care programs at St Peters are laying the foundations for our young people to become tomorrow’s leaders.

‘As a school, I believe… we can be God’s hands and feet and face to one another in this world. As a leader, you have a special role to play to model that to the people whom you lead,’ Pastor Thomas said.

Which brings Thomas back to the heart of the Christian ethos and the key message of ministry at St Peters.

‘There is a God who enfolds us in love and helps us through the challenges of life,’ Pastor Thomas reflected.

‘We try to engage our community in a positive way and help them to understand that the values we espouse are built upon the Christian ethos.’

St Peters Lutheran College is a Prep to Year 12 Co-educational Lutheran School in Brisbane. For more information about St Peters or to contact the St Peters College Reception, click here.