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Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School at St Peters Springfield

‘God has a way of not just opening doors but throwing you through them.’ This is how Craig Schmidt, Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School at St Peters Springfield, describes his path to St Peters.

Born and raised Lutheran, Craig and his brother attended Redeemer Lutheran College. Meanwhile, their cousins attended St Peters, Indooroopilly, where their mother and her siblings had been educated. Craig credits his time at Redeemer, under Principal Robin Kleinschmidt, for instilling in him a passion for Lutheran education that would later lead him to St Peters Springfield.

‘I have treasured memories of playing cricket for Redeemer against St Peters on the St Peters oval – I was bowling, my brother wicket-keeping and my cousin, batting,’ Craig recalls. ‘I loved and valued my time at Redeemer and am a wholehearted believer in both the quality of schooling provided by Lutheran schools and the theology and expression of faith that is foundational to them.’

Post university, Craig served at Blackwater, west of Rockhampton, for seven years, after which he decided he wanted to return to Brisbane to teach and lead in the Lutheran system. He expressed his ambition to his former principal at Redeemer, Robin Kleinschmidt.

‘[He] was encouraging in this regard,’ Craig explains, ‘but also indicated the value of broader experience which can add value to Lutheran schools in the future.’

So Craig served a further three years in the state system, at a high school in Logan, before transitioning to a dual-campus Christian school, where he served for an extended period, seeing his three sons through the greater part of their schooling at the same institution.

In 2012, Craig was ready for a new challenge.

‘God opened the door at St Peters,’ Craig recounts, ‘where I have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful learning community led by an exceptional principal.’

Craig’s role spans not only management of the academic administration of the Senior School, but also the day-to-day management of campus-life, including the Prep – Year 12 student and staff timetable and implementation of school policies and procedures. He says he draws on the College motto, Plus Ultra (Ever Higher), to guide him in every endeavour so that he and his staff can ‘assist students to discover and develop their God-given gifts, talents and identity and to grow in character, faith and understanding so that they may be well equipped for life and for service to others in the community.’

Outside of St Peters, Craig can be found in the company of his three sons. When he’s not taking in their weekend football and futsal matches, he joins them to watch movies and challenges them at pool. He also loves to read.

‘I love learning and reading and have a substantial library to work my way through in the years ahead,’ Craig explains. ‘It’s funny how now I do a whole lot of reading and learning about things I did not spend a lot of time on at school or university – it’s like filling in the picture.’

He says he hopes students can follow their interests and forge their own unique path to fulfilling work, as he has done.

‘Our students will move along all sorts of pathways. My hope and prayer for them is that they work in fields about which they are passionate and that they experience the fullness of life that God has for them.’

As for Craig, his passion remains firmly rooted in Christian education.

‘I am totally committed to the cause of Christian education and to the service of students and staff,’ Craig says. ‘I hope that God continues to bless me with the opportunities and capacity to serve in Lutheran schools for a long time into the future.’