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Old Scholar, Georgia Mountford (2005), couldn’t decide between a creative or IT career, so she decided to put a foot in both worlds and has never looked back.

‘I have a lot of passions,’ Georgia explained. ‘I could never pick what I really wanted to do!’ she said, a slight sense of exasperation evident in her admission.

‘I love computers and problem solving but I also have a creative side with an appetite for writing and communications. That’s what lead me to study IT and Journalism.’

Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a dual degree, Georgia has enjoyed in-house computer programming roles as well as running her own business, specialising in web design and digital marketing as well as IT support through automation for small businesses.

‘Working with small business owners, I discovered no one ever had enough time to do everything,’ Georgia said.

‘That became my next passion, to help systemise and digitise things in business.’

Georgia drew on her programming background to help her clients cut through a lot of administrative hurdles and provided practical tools and strategies to automate their marketing efforts as well as repetitive daily tasks.

‘I would create a strategy with them initially and implement it as well,’ Georgia explained. ‘My favourite thing is to see these creative, passionate people get back to what they love doing. Most people start a business to make an impact, they have a dream and I want to help them achieve it by leveraging tools and technologies that can make their life easier.’

After six years working in creative industries, Georgia has returned to the corporate world, applying her software and programming expertise to automate and streamline administrative processes for the Telstra NBN Delivery project.

A recent visitor to St Peters at the invitation of her former IT Teacher, Paul Herring, Georgia spoke to a Year 11 class about the benefits of studying IT and programming at school.

‘It’s always beneficial to study IT and make time to understand computers even if you’re not going to be in a technical field,’ Georgia stressed to the students.

‘If you know how to control technology and use it to your advantage, then you’re a great resource for any business.’